Question of the Week – 03 : Work and Time

On a scorching hot day, Arun saw a bird die of thirst. Affected by this pitiful sight, he decided that he’ll make some arrangement so that no more birds die in this manner. There’s a pit in his locality which has a cross section 2.9 m x 1.6 m and is 40 cm deep. The next morning he poured a bucket of water into the empty pit for the birds to drink. Next day, his immediate neighbors Manish and Guru were influenced by his noble deed and they also poured a bucket each along with him. On the third day, their immediate neighbors also contributed to the cause. In this way, every day two more people join and all of them pour a bucket each, into the pit. If every bucket used has a capacity of 20 liters and 16 liters of water is consumed by the birds every day, on which day will the pit be full?


a) 8th day

b) 10th day

c) 11th day

d) 12th day

Answer key: b


Volume of the pit = 2.9 x 1.6 x 0.4 = 1.856 m3= 1856 liters

Let the number of days in which the pit gets filled be n.

Water filled on 1st day = 20 liters

Water filled on 2nd day = 20×3 liters = 60 liters

Water filled on 3rd day = 20×5 liters = 100 liters

Water filled on nth day = 20x(2n-1) liters

This is an A.P. with common difference of 40.

Total water filled = 20 + 60 + 100 + ……….. + 20(2n-1)

= n/2 (20 + 40n – 20)                                         [∵ Sum of A.P. = n/2(a+l)]

= 20n2

But 16 liter of water is consumed by the birds every day. So on the nth day, when the people have poured water into the pit, the volume of water remaining in the pit will be 20n2 – 16(n-1)

Equating this with the volume of the pit, we get

20n2 – 16(n-1) = 1856

20n2 – 16n – 1840 = 0

5n2 – 4n – 460 = 0

Solving we get n = 10

Hence, the pit will be full on the 10th day.

The right time to start for CAT

Many of the CAT aspirants are freshers; either they are in the final year of their under graduation or are fresh college pass outs. They are perplexed about the right time to start their preparation for CAT. Though it is always good to start as early as possible, but many aspirants tend to lose their grip due to lack of persistence in their preparation. The start should neither be too late because in that case one is unable to cover many topics for the exam. So the question arises what is the ideal time to start preparing for CAT?

As per the previous years’ results, it has been observed that most of the successful CAT aspirants start their preparation during summers (May-June). This period is neither too early nor too late. By this time all the college students across the country are done with their final exams, so they don’t have any extra burden as well. The CAT exam is held somewhere in November, so they have about 5-6 months in hand which is enough for preparation.

The next thing they are uncertain about is how to start their preparation? It is recommended to take a mock test first or go through previous years’ exam paper in order to find their own level. Once they have assessed themselves, they should prepare a fixture so as to cover various topics in a certain duration of time. Once done with the topic wise preparation, take mocks on a regular interval, preferably once or twice a week and analyze the results to improve further.

Questions of the Week – 02 : Numbers & Parajumbles

1) At one stage of IPL, DeVilliers, Milller, Maxwell and Gayle were among the top four batsmen in the tournament run chart. The aggregates of their runs were the perfect squares of four consecutive numbers. In the encounter between Bangalore and Punjab, Gayle and DeVilliers were the star performers for Bangalore. Gayle’s score was more than 100 which is a perfect square of a number and he jumped from the 4th to the 2nd position. DeVilliers got 80 and retained his top spot. Maxwell and Miller, who play for Punjab, both scored less than 50. Coincidentally, at the end of the match, their aggregates were still perfect squares of numbers.

What was the total number of runs scored by these four batsmen in the match?


a) 252

b) 280

c) 296

d) 269

Answer key: c


It is clear from the given statements that prior to the match, DeVilliers was leading the chart and Gayle was at the 4th position.

It is also given that DeVilliers scored 80 and his new aggregate is also a perfect square.

So we need to express 80 as the difference of two squares.

a2 – b2 = 80

or (a+b)(a-b)=80

For (a+b) and (a-b) both to be whole numbers, either both are even or both are odd.

Since 80 is an even number, both its factors cannot be odd. So, (a+b) and (a-b) are both even. 80 can be factorized as a product of even numbers as:

80 = 10*8 = 20*4 = 40*2

So, (a,b) = (9,1), (12,8) or (21,19)

Now we’ll examine each case.

CASE I: (a,b) = (9,1)

It means DeVilliers had 1 run at the beginning of the match and reached 81 after it.

This case is not possible as he was ranked first prior to the game.

CASE II: (a,b) = (12,8)

It means DeVilliers had 64 runs at the beginning of the match and reached 144 after it.

So the other three players must have had 49, 36 and 25 runs, Gayle being at 25.

If we add a perfect square more than hundred to 25, we observe that 25+144=169, which is also a perfect square.

But this case is also negated as DeVilliers still led the chart.

CASE III: (a,b) = (21,19)

It means DeVilliers had 361 runs at the beginning of the match and reached 441 after it.

So the other three players must have had 324, 289 and 256 runs, Gayle being at 256.

If we add a perfect square more than hundred to 256, we observe that 256+144=400, which is also a perfect square.

This case satisfies the given conditions, that DeVilliers still leads the chart and Gayle jumps from the 4th spot to the 2nd spot.

Since Maxwell/Miller were at 289 and 324, neither of them scored more than 50 and their new aggregates are still perfect squares, their new aggregates must be 324 and 361. So their scores must have been 35 and 37.

So, the total runs scored by these four players in the match = 80+37+35+144 = 296

Player Before the match Score in the match After the match
DeVilliers 361 80 441
Maxwell/Miller 324 37 361
Miller/Maxwell 289 35 324
Gayle 256 144 400

Total = 80 + 37 + 35 + 144 = 296


Verbal – Parajumbles (Sentence Exclusion)

2) The following paragraph consists of four sentences, three of which form a coherent paragraph when arranged in the correct order. Identify the one that is not part of the paragraph. 

1. Living things start with this wholeness from the beginning of their career.
2. Growth is the movement of a whole towards a yet fuller wholeness.
3. The one question before all others that has to be answered by our civilizations is not what they have and in what quantity, but what they express and how.
4. A child has its own perfection as a child; it would be ugly if it appeared as an unfinished man.

Answer key: 3

In this case, the set of connected statements is: 2-1-4 (in that order).The connected set of statements (2-1-4) explains growth and how it develops. Statement 4 develops this forward, and provides an example of a child to consolidate the concept of growth.Statement 3 is the odd one out here as it talks about a more generic concept and about civilization in general, a topic that is absent from the other three statements.

Question of the Week – 01 : Number Systems

If A = 200

B = A – 99

C = A + B – 98

D = A + B + C – 97 and so on upto Z.

Find the value of 2-25(Z+1)


a) 50

b) 51

c) 26

d) None of these

Answer key: b


A = 200

B = 101

C = 203

D = 407

E = 815

This way we see that for the nth English alphabet (where n>1), the value is (2n-2 x 100) + (2n-1 – 1)

So, Z = (224x100) + (225-1)

So, Z + 1 = (224x100) + (225-1) + 1

= 225(50 + 1)

So, 2-25(Z+1) = 2-25 x 225(50 + 1)

= 51

CAT 2015: Basics and Solved Examples for Number Systems

Today, we look at a few questions from Number Systems and provide Video solutions for the same. Register for Oliveboard’s  CAT 2015 Course here. Question 1: If x = -0.5, which of the following has the smallest value? 21/x , 1/x, 1/x2, 2x, 1/√-x Solution: In solving this problem, we will first need to understand a couple of important concepts on Powers of numbers for CAT 2015. The video below explains all the concepts and basics related to it.

Now that we have the concept clear, we can look at the solution to this particular problem.

Question 2: Which among the following is the largest? 21/2, 31/3, 41/4, 61/6, 121/12 Solution: The solution relies on another basic concept of Number systems to compare different numbers with different exponents . The concept and the solution are given below.

Question 3: How may 2 digit numbers increase by 18 when the digits are reversed? Solution: Note that 2 digit numbers can be expressed as ab, where a,b are digits. So the original number is 10a + b, reversed number 10b + a. The complete solution along with a few more basics for CAT 2015 can be viewed below.

We will be returning with our next post in a few days time! Happy Learning! To attempt more practice questions from Number Systems, Register for Oliveboard’s  CAT 2015 Course here  and take the free Number Systems test!

JBIMS Applications Re-opened Until May 2nd

JBIMS has re-opened applications for admission to its MMS and Msc Finance programs through CAT & MHCET. The last date to apply will be May 2nd 2015. If you had applied earlier, then you need not apply again. If you are preparing for other MBA exams, visit the sections for CAT 2015 | MHCET | CMAT

Points to Remember:

  1. Offline Application only: The application process this time will not be available online and candidates will have to send hard copies of all the documents to JBIMS before the last date.
  2. Documents to Send Out
    • Filled Application Form: You can download the application form here.
    • Photo of candidate: A recent photo to be attached on the application form
    • CAT/MHCET Scorecard: A copy of CAT 2014 or MHCET 2015 scorecards to be sent along with application form.
  3. Last Date to apply:The completed applications need to reach JBIMS before 5pm on May 2, 2015. If you are planning on sending it vis post/courier, it is advisable that you send it a few days before the deadline.
  4. Payment of Fees: An application fee of Rs. 1200 will be applicable for General & Rs. 950 for backward classes. The payment cannot be made ONLY through a DD as online/other payment options are not available. If you apply for 2 programs, then your fees applicable will be Rs. 2400 (for General) and hence a DD for that amount needs to be created.

For more detailed info on filling the various fields of the form, download the instructions.

MHCET Results & Top Colleges

The MHCET results were announced today on the same date that DTE had initially planned. The total number of students who appeared was 57,224 and the top score was 170, a score shared by 5 candidates.
There was widespread speculation that the results would be delayed due to the various technical issues encountered during the exam and the fact that DTE had come out with a list of erroneous questions which it said it would rectify in its scoring. Despite the poor quality of exam organization, it is commendable that the DTE released the results within 10 days of the exam. Continue reading MHCET Results & Top Colleges

CMAT Results & Top Colleges

The results for Feb CMAT was released earlier today. A total of 57,700 students appeared for the second CMAT in which 305 was the top score while the lowest score was -70. Here is a quick look at the Score-Percentile Distribution and its comparison with the Sept 2014 exam.

Percentile Feb CMAT Score Sept CMAT Score
99%ile 204 247
95%ile 163 209
90%ile 139 185
80%ile 111 153
70%ile 91 129

From the data it appears that CMAT Feb was much tougher than the September edition although a small amount of it can be accounted for by some of the more serious candidates not opting for Feb CMAT due to JBIMS pulling out.

Click here to prepare for  CAT 2015 | CMAT  2015 |

*Please note that a small number of these colleges have chosen to accept Sept CMAT scores only. The cut-offs are only rough guidelines and the actual cut-offs may vary and parameters for selection depend on various other factors as well. 

College Name ~Percentile Cut-Off*
SIMSREE, Mumbai 96
Goa Institute of Management, Goa 94
Great lakes Institute of Management, Chennai 94
K. J. SOMAIYA IMS&R;, Mumbai 94
Prin. L. N. Welingkar IMD&R;, Mumbai 94
XIME, Bangalore 92
XISS, Ranchi 92
IMT, Nagpur 92
SIES College of Management Studies, Navi Mumbai 92
IILM-GSM, Greater Noida 92
N. L. Dalmia IMS&R;, Mumbai 90
PUMBA Department Of Management Sciences, Pune 90
Prestige Institute of Management, Indore 90
ITM, Mumbai 90
Accurate Institute of Management & Technology , Greater Noida 90
MIT School of Business, Pune 90
St. Xaviers College , 88
IFIM Business School, Bangalore 88
IFMR, Chennai 88
Amrita School of Business, Coimbatore 86
Gaur Hari Singhania Institute of Management & Research, Kanpur 86
Alliance School of Business, Bangalore 86
Indus Business Academy, Bangalore 86
Institute of Health Management Research, Bangalore 86
Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow 86
MIT School of Business, Pune 86
Sinhgad Institute, Pune 86
MET Institute of Management, Mumbai 86
IES Academy, Mumbai 86
Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies , Harihar & Pune 86
PSG Institute of Management, Coimbatore 86
ISB&M;, Pune 86
Indus Business Academy, Bangalore 86
Vivekanand Education Society’s Institute of Management Studies and Research , 86
JRE Group of Institutions, Greater Noida 86
Acharya Institute of management & Sciences, Bangalore 86
Jaipuria Institute of Management Studies, Lucknow 86
Jaipuria Institute of Management Studies, Noida 86
DoMS, Durgapur 86
Chetna, Mumbai 86
Jaipuria Institute of Management, Ghaziabad 86
Balaji Institute of Management, Pune 84
LLIM, Mumbai 84
Acharya Business School, Bangalore 84
ASM’s Institute of International Business & Research, Pune 84
Indira Global Business School , Pune 84
Jaipuria Institute of Management Studies, Jaipur 84
IIF, Noida 84
IMT, Hyderabad 84
Asia Pacific Institute of Management, New Delhi 84
Medi-Caps Institute of Techno-Management , Indore 82
Indira Institute of Management, Pune 82
Christ College, Bangalore 82
Amity University, Noida 82
MET, Mumbai 82
ISB&M;, Kolkata 82
BIMTECH, Greater Noida 80
Nirma Institute of Management, 80
Acropolis Faculty of Management & Research, Indore 80
Dr. D. Y. Patil Institute of Management , Pune 80
Indira School Of Business Studies , Pune 80
Jaipuria Insitute of Management, Indore 80
NIILM, Greater Noida 80
New Delhi Institute of Management, 80
Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra 80
Doon Business School, Dehradun 80
LBSIM, Bareilly 80
Apeejay School of Management, Delhi 78
Jaypee Business School, Noida 76
AICAR Business School, Karjat 76
Amrut Mody School of Business, Ahmedabad 76
MITSOB, Pune 76
Delhi School of Business, New Delhi 76
ISBR, Bangalore 76
Sharda University, Greater Noida 74
Institute Of Management Studies, Ghaziabad 72
Prin. L. N. Welingkar IMD&R;, Bangalore 72
ITM University , 70
IMI, Bhubaneswar 68
Ramaiah Institute of Management Studies, Bangalore 68
SDMIMD, Mysore 68
Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management, Hyderabad 64
JIMS, Delhi 62
SCMS, Cochin 60
Thiagarajar School of Management, Madurai 58
Regional College of Management, Bhubaneshwar 56
VJIM, Hyderabad 56
BULMIM, New Delhi 54
Hyderabad Business School, Hyderabad 54
KIAMS, Harihar 52

How to Prepare for CAT – Part 1 – Verbal Ability

A common question we get asked by our students is “How to start my CAT preparation?”. We are sharing our thoughts here to answer this question. This is a 4 part series. In Part 1 today, we will answer “How to start preparing for Verbal Ability Section for CAT”.

Step 1 : Understanding topics that are asked in CAT Verbal Ability
Step 2 : Understanding types of questions that are asked in CAT Verbal Ability
Step 3 : Identifying your strengths and weakness
Step 4 : Recommended Sources to improve Verbal Ability for CAT Continue reading How to Prepare for CAT – Part 1 – Verbal Ability

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2) I am not sure how to begin preparation & what topics to study.

Oliveboard’s unique Smart CAT Study Planner creates a customized  study schedule for you based on syllabus & importance of topics and tracks how much you have completed.

3) How long is the course valid and how much does it cost?

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5) How have Oliveboard students performed in CAT 2014?

More than 20 students have scored over 99 percentile on CAT 2014. Here are what a few of them who practiced on Oliveboard had to say:  (Testimonials can also be found here)

Shashwat Gangwar – 99.99%ile

I found Oliveboard to be one of the best sites for online CAT preparation in the comforts of your home. Its online Group Study sessions were very helpful, along with being entertaining as well. The experts were very friendly and helpful while clearing any doubts regarding any section of CAT. The mock tests were more difficult than the actual CAT, which helped me perform even better in the actual test. The analysis provided were very user-friendly and gave a neat view of your performance. All-in-all, a very handy website for CAT preparation!

Sai Vatsalya Mokka – 99.93%ile

The new Oliveboard platform is a very effective tool to boost up one’s test prep. The timely break-up of mock tests, topic-wise mocks and the immediate overall analysis after every test helps students to a great extent. I also feel that the new mobile app is the first of its kind for preparing for cat on the go.

Atul Gandhi – 99.85%ile

Oliveboard has helped me immensely in my CAT preparation. The mock tests covered questions from all the topics with varying difficulty levels, thus preparing me for everything that CAT could have possibly put in front of me. The platform provides a very detailed after-test analysis report. I revised all the questions from these tests regularly, and often learnt new concepts. The personalized practice section helped me work on my weak areas. Innovative features like group study and the ability to take the mock test in parts are an added bonus.

Sandeep Reddy – 99.80%ile

I had not heard of Oliveboard when one of my friends here at IIT persuaded me to buy the course because he found it useful. And I am glad he did so. Everything about the site is great – from the tests of varying difficulty levels, detailed performance analysis and the improvement tests on my weak areas. It was ultimately very effective in helping me secure a very good score.

Bitan Nath – 99.79%ile

Oliveboard is arguably the best resource for online preparation for CAT, especially for working professionals, thanks to their awesome flexibility and robust testing mechanism. The fact that a full length mock test can be split into 4 parts to be attempted individually is testament to this. The mock tests are challenging, and the sectional tests are good for building concepts. Overall, a fantastic way to prepare for the CAT in the shortest amount of time possible!

Kautuk Kushansh – 99.79%ile

The best part of Oliveboard is the comprehensive analysis provided after the mock tests – It really helped me decide my time management strategies effectively. The fact that they show the percentage of people who have attempted a particular question right, gave me a fairly good idea of where I stood in comparison to others during my preparation. The various levels of difficulty in the mock tests ensured that I was ready for any surprises in the actual CAT. Overall, an effective website, having from daily practice sets to group studies for CAT preparation.

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