MHCET Results & Top Colleges

The MHCET results were announced today on the same date that DTE had initially planned. The total number of students who appeared was 57,224 and the top score was 170, a score shared by 5 candidates.
There was widespread speculation that the results would be delayed due to the various technical issues encountered during the exam and the fact that DTE had come out with a list of erroneous questions which it said it would rectify in its scoring. Despite the poor quality of exam organization, it is commendable that the DTE released the results within 10 days of the exam. Continue reading MHCET Results & Top Colleges

CMAT Results & Top Colleges

The results for Feb CMAT was released earlier today. A total of 57,700 students appeared for the second CMAT in which 305 was the top score while the lowest score was -70. Here is a quick look at the Score-Percentile Distribution and its comparison with the Sept 2014 exam.

Percentile Feb CMAT Score Sept CMAT Score
99%ile 204 247
95%ile 163 209
90%ile 139 185
80%ile 111 153
70%ile 91 129

From the data it appears that CMAT Feb was much tougher than the September edition although a small amount of it can be accounted for by some of the more serious candidates not opting for Feb CMAT due to JBIMS pulling out.

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*Please note that a small number of these colleges have chosen to accept Sept CMAT scores only. The cut-offs are only rough guidelines and the actual cut-offs may vary and parameters for selection depend on various other factors as well. 

College Name ~Percentile Cut-Off*
SIMSREE, Mumbai 96
Goa Institute of Management, Goa 94
Great lakes Institute of Management, Chennai 94
K. J. SOMAIYA IMS&R;, Mumbai 94
Prin. L. N. Welingkar IMD&R;, Mumbai 94
XIME, Bangalore 92
XISS, Ranchi 92
IMT, Nagpur 92
SIES College of Management Studies, Navi Mumbai 92
IILM-GSM, Greater Noida 92
N. L. Dalmia IMS&R;, Mumbai 90
PUMBA Department Of Management Sciences, Pune 90
Prestige Institute of Management, Indore 90
ITM, Mumbai 90
Accurate Institute of Management & Technology , Greater Noida 90
MIT School of Business, Pune 90
St. Xaviers College , 88
IFIM Business School, Bangalore 88
IFMR, Chennai 88
Amrita School of Business, Coimbatore 86
Gaur Hari Singhania Institute of Management & Research, Kanpur 86
Alliance School of Business, Bangalore 86
Indus Business Academy, Bangalore 86
Institute of Health Management Research, Bangalore 86
Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow 86
MIT School of Business, Pune 86
Sinhgad Institute, Pune 86
MET Institute of Management, Mumbai 86
IES Academy, Mumbai 86
Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies , Harihar & Pune 86
PSG Institute of Management, Coimbatore 86
ISB&M;, Pune 86
Indus Business Academy, Bangalore 86
Vivekanand Education Society’s Institute of Management Studies and Research , 86
JRE Group of Institutions, Greater Noida 86
Acharya Institute of management & Sciences, Bangalore 86
Jaipuria Institute of Management Studies, Lucknow 86
Jaipuria Institute of Management Studies, Noida 86
DoMS, Durgapur 86
Chetna, Mumbai 86
Jaipuria Institute of Management, Ghaziabad 86
Balaji Institute of Management, Pune 84
LLIM, Mumbai 84
Acharya Business School, Bangalore 84
ASM’s Institute of International Business & Research, Pune 84
Indira Global Business School , Pune 84
Jaipuria Institute of Management Studies, Jaipur 84
IIF, Noida 84
IMT, Hyderabad 84
Asia Pacific Institute of Management, New Delhi 84
Medi-Caps Institute of Techno-Management , Indore 82
Indira Institute of Management, Pune 82
Christ College, Bangalore 82
Amity University, Noida 82
MET, Mumbai 82
ISB&M;, Kolkata 82
BIMTECH, Greater Noida 80
Nirma Institute of Management, 80
Acropolis Faculty of Management & Research, Indore 80
Dr. D. Y. Patil Institute of Management , Pune 80
Indira School Of Business Studies , Pune 80
Jaipuria Insitute of Management, Indore 80
NIILM, Greater Noida 80
New Delhi Institute of Management, 80
Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra 80
Doon Business School, Dehradun 80
LBSIM, Bareilly 80
Apeejay School of Management, Delhi 78
Jaypee Business School, Noida 76
AICAR Business School, Karjat 76
Amrut Mody School of Business, Ahmedabad 76
MITSOB, Pune 76
Delhi School of Business, New Delhi 76
ISBR, Bangalore 76
Sharda University, Greater Noida 74
Institute Of Management Studies, Ghaziabad 72
Prin. L. N. Welingkar IMD&R;, Bangalore 72
ITM University , 70
IMI, Bhubaneswar 68
Ramaiah Institute of Management Studies, Bangalore 68
SDMIMD, Mysore 68
Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management, Hyderabad 64
JIMS, Delhi 62
SCMS, Cochin 60
Thiagarajar School of Management, Madurai 58
Regional College of Management, Bhubaneshwar 56
VJIM, Hyderabad 56
BULMIM, New Delhi 54
Hyderabad Business School, Hyderabad 54
KIAMS, Harihar 52

How to Prepare for CAT – Part 1 – Verbal Ability

A common question we get asked by our students is “How to start my CAT preparation?”. We are sharing our thoughts here to answer this question. This is a 4 part series. In Part 1 today, we will answer “How to start preparing for Verbal Ability Section for CAT”.

Step 1 : Understanding topics that are asked in CAT Verbal Ability
Step 2 : Understanding types of questions that are asked in CAT Verbal Ability
Step 3 : Identifying your strengths and weakness
Step 4 : Recommended Sources to improve Verbal Ability for CAT Continue reading How to Prepare for CAT – Part 1 – Verbal Ability

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Atul Gandhi – 99.85%ile

Oliveboard has helped me immensely in my CAT preparation. The mock tests covered questions from all the topics with varying difficulty levels, thus preparing me for everything that CAT could have possibly put in front of me. The platform provides a very detailed after-test analysis report. I revised all the questions from these tests regularly, and often learnt new concepts. The personalized practice section helped me work on my weak areas. Innovative features like group study and the ability to take the mock test in parts are an added bonus.

Sandeep Reddy – 99.80%ile

I had not heard of Oliveboard when one of my friends here at IIT persuaded me to buy the course because he found it useful. And I am glad he did so. Everything about the site is great – from the tests of varying difficulty levels, detailed performance analysis and the improvement tests on my weak areas. It was ultimately very effective in helping me secure a very good score.

Bitan Nath – 99.79%ile

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Kautuk Kushansh – 99.79%ile

The best part of Oliveboard is the comprehensive analysis provided after the mock tests – It really helped me decide my time management strategies effectively. The fact that they show the percentage of people who have attempted a particular question right, gave me a fairly good idea of where I stood in comparison to others during my preparation. The various levels of difficulty in the mock tests ensured that I was ready for any surprises in the actual CAT. Overall, an effective website, having from daily practice sets to group studies for CAT preparation.

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MHCET First Day Analysis

The MHCET began all over the country today and while the exam has always been easy, this was probably easier than the earlier versions as well. There were several glitches – technical & otherwise- the biggest being the exam having only 4 options when the brochure of MHCET as well as the instruction sheet handed out before the exam clearly mentioned 5 options (should not affect a candidate much though). 

The 200 question exam is not divided by section but an approximate break-up of questions is provided below. 

Logical Reasoning: 85
Quant & DI: 55
Verbal Ability: 60

Detailed Break-up:-

Cut-Offs:- (these are rough estimates only and do not use these as targets)

The paper was definitely quite easy with only a handful of questions that could be termed as moderate-difficult. The English section, especially, was very easy.
Given that and the increased competition with several serious candidates attempting this (for JBIMS), we expect the top score to be possibly even top 170 (if the errors are suitably accounted for). The top score last year was 158.

Percentile-Score (these are estimates only and do not use these as targets)

99.99%ile – 177

99%ile – 147
95%ile – 128
90%ile –  116

Glitches during the exam:

The DTE for some reason has moved to Sify as the exam provider while TCS conducted it last year. They probably changed the vendor very late in the cycle which possibly might have driven the delayed applications as well. The hurried nature of the having a new provider conducting the exam showed in the sub-optimal exam experience that most people encountered. There were several errors in the questions (if you find yourself facing one, just attempt it and move on. No point asking the invigilator as he does not know anything) .

Most visual reasoning images required large amounts of horizontal scrolling and many questions had some portion of the text cut-off (if you face this on 15th, use the “Question Paper” option that previews all questions and refer to the specific question).

The interface itself was poor and difficult to navigate. It takes 3 seconds to move from one question to the next. You are starting with 140 minutes!!
While we have not been big fans of the TCS interface, Sify made TCS’s interface look like a work of art.
In our center, the exam start was delayed by more than 30 minutes with 3-4 students having to switch computers 5 minutes into the exam.
It is also unclear why the switch was made given TCS has had a great track record of conducting exams well.

All in all, we hope the DTE fixes the issues for 2016!

MHCET: Last Minute Tips

The MHCET marks the last major MBA exam of the 2014-15 season. With less than 48 hours to go, here are a few tips to help you optimize performance on test day. 

Before the exam

  • Do not practice or study the night before or the on the day of the exam. Keep you mind fresh and active to help you stay focused for 150 minutes.
  • Ensure you get a good night’s sleep (at least 8 hours) before your exam. Lack of adequate sleep can render the mind significantly slower especially when speed is the key during the MHCET.
  • Reach the center well in time to avoid any nervous energy and stress creeping in. Stress can further reduce your performance in a time sensitive test such as the MHCET. Carry your Admit Card, Original Photo ID Proof and a pen. 
  • Get used to the MHCET format. If you have not given the free mock test, click here to take the free test and familiarize yourself with the pattern and type of questions. Click here to take the free mock MHCET. 

During the exam

  • Keep the difficult and time consuming questions for the end. Build confidence by attempting the easy ones first. The confidence will create a positive momentum for you to do well over the 150 minutes. 
  • Visual reasoning questions (there will possibly be 25-30 of them) should be ideally be kept for the last as these are typically more time consuming than the rest. There will be sufficient easy questions in the MHCET for you to locate and attempt during the first half of the test. However, if you have been solving it early and are comfortable with it, go ahead and use what works for you on these type of questions. 
  • Attempt all 200 questions. Remember there is no negative marking. Hence by following the two suggestions above, if you find yourself short on time, then you only have to take a guess on the difficult/time consuming ones and not the easy ones. 

Good luck with the MHCET!

CAT Study Planner & Preparation Schedule

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Most students beginning their CAT preparation have the following questions:-

1) How should I begin CAT preparation? Which topics should I study first?
2) What is the syllabus for CAT?
3) What are the important topics for CAT?

Oliveboard’s innovative & dynamic Study Planner creates a customized preparation schedule taking into account the syllabus and the important topics. And what’s more it keeps track of your progress all the way up to the end of your preparation.

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Top MH CET Colleges

MHCET or MAHCET is the last MBA exam of the season. The exam is conducted by the DTE for MBA admission into Maharashtra colleges. The following is a list of the top ranked MBA colleges that accept the MHCET/MAH-CET scores.

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College City
Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies Mumbai
K. J. Somaiya Institute of Management Studies & Research Mumbai
Prin. L. N. Welingkar IMDR Mumbai
S.I.E.S. College of Management Studies Navi Mumbai
N.L. Dalmia Institute of Management Studies  & Research Mumbai
Department of Management Sciences (PUMBA) Pune
MET’s Institute of Management Mumbai
ITM Navi Mumbai
Bombay St. Xavier College Soc.’s Xavier Institute of Management & Research Mumbai
Chetana’s Ramprasad Khandelwal Institute of Management & Research Mumbai
Indian Education Society’s Management College & Research Centre Mumbai
Lala Lajpatrai Institute of Management Mumbai
Thakur Institute of Management Studies & Research Mumbai
VES Institute of Management Studies & Research Mumbai
Rizvi Institute of Management Studies & Research Mumbai
St. Francis Institute of Management & Research Mumbai
Alkesh Dinesh Modi Institute for Financial & Management Studies Mumbai
 Atharva Institute of Management Studies Mumbai
Bharti Vidyapeeth’s Institute of Management Studies & Research Navi Mumbai
Maratha Mandir’s Babasaheb Gawde Institute of Management Studies Mumbai
Vidyalankar College of Engineering Mumbai

MHCET MBA List of Test Centers for 2015

Online registration for MHCET MBA/ MAHCET MBA has started today. You can register for the CET test by visiting

This year, the exam will be conducted across 61 locations. 12 of these locations are outside of Maharashtra state to help students take the exam across India.

The complete list of 12 centers for MHCET outside Maharashtra are :

Center State
Ahmedabad Gujarat
Bangalore Karnatakka
Bhopal Madhaya Pradesh
Delhi Delhi
Jaipur Rajasthan
Kolkata West Bengal
Lucknow Uttar Pradesh
Panaji Goa
Patna Bihar
Raipur Chattisgarh
Ranchi Jharkhand
Srinagar J&K;

The 49 centers for the MHCET in Maharashtra are:

  1. Ahmednagar
  2. Akola
  3. Amravati
  4. Aurangabad
  5. Beed
  6. Bhandara
  7. Bhusaval
  8. Buldhana
  9. Chandrapur
  10. Dhule
  11. Gadchiroli
  12. Gondia
  13. Hingoli
  14. Jalgaon
  15. Jalna
  16. Karad
  17. Kolhapur
  18. Latur
  19. Lonavala
  20. Miraj
  21. Mumbai Central
  22. Mumbai Western
  23. Mumbai-Dombivali
  24. Mumbai-Harbour
  25. Mumbai-Kalyan
  26. Nagpur
  27. Nanded
  28. Nandurbar
  29. Nashik
  30. Navi Mumbai-Kamothe
  31. Navi Mumbai-Kopar Khairane
  32. Parbhani
  33. Pardharpur
  34. Pune Ambegaon
  35. Pune Narhe
  36. Pune Vadgaon
  37. Pune Warje
  38. Pune-Erandwane
  39. Pune-Kondhwa
  40. Ratnagiri
  41. Sangamner
  42. Sangli
  43. Satara
  44. Sindhudurg
  45. Solapur
  46. Thane-Ghorbunder
  47. Wardha
  48. Washim
  49. Yavatmal

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Last minute Tips for CMAT Preparation

The CMAT test starts in less than 72 hours. This post will help you with a few last minute tips to help you ace the CMAT 2015 exam.

1. Time Management.

CMAT has 100 questions to be solved in 180 minutes(3 hours). 25 questions of GK should take you no more than 10-15 minutes to answer.

This leaves you with 165 minutes for 75 questions, more than 2 minutes per question. Make sure you read each and every question carefully, analyse it and solve it.

Remember, CMAT is not a speed test. Dont panic at any time if you are taking a long time to solve a single question.

2. Revise and Practice Important Topics of RCs (Short) & Analytical Reasoning

Perhaps the single most important topic for the CMAT exam is RC (based on short passages) with 15 questions across 4-5 passages of 3 questions each (in Sept, there was 1 passage of 6 questions). Most questions are standard passage questions based on critical reasoning, tone, what the author agrees with or believes etc.

In the Logical Reasoning section, more than half the section is based on Analytical Reasoning topics of Arrangements – Linear & Circular, Selection & Matching etc.

3. Revise shortcut formulas for Quantitative Ability Section

Go through various shortcuts that will help you solve problems faster.
Go through the 3 pdfs Oliveboard has specially created to help you with these.

Speed Math Shortcuts Volume 1
Speed Math Shortcuts Volume 2
Speed Math Shortcuts Volume 3

4. Take a couple of Mock Tests

Take a couple of Mock Tests to help you with your last minute preparation. This will help you finalize your strategy as you take the CMAT test. Make sure you have figured out the order in which you want to attempt sections. Our advice has been to attempt your strongest section first as it gives confidence as you begin the exam, which you can carry forward through the 3 hour test.

5. Eat and Sleep well before the day of the exam.

Make sure you have slept well the day before the exam, and have had a good meal before the exam. A relaxed mind will definitely help you in perform to your complete potential in the CMAT.

Good Luck with your CMAT!

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