10 RBI Grade B Time Management Tips + Toppers’ Time Strategy

RBI Grade B Phase I exam is scheduled to be held on 16th of August 2018. With just 15 days for the exam, we are positive that you might have already built your exam attempt strategy. If not, do it today. Time management will play an important role in the Phase I exam as there are no sectional time limits. There will be 200 questions across General Awareness, Reasoning, English Language and Quantitative Aptitude with 2 hours time duration. Today, we bring to you toppers’ time strategy along with few RBI Grade B time management tips to prepare and score well in the upcoming exam.

RBI Grade B Toppers’ Time Strategy

We checked the toppers'(Top 5%) time allocation and this is broadly what many of them used as their approximate time allocation during exam (NOTE: What works for some may not work for others. Use this only as a guideline & not as a target):

  1. General Awareness: 14 minutes
  2. English:14 minutes
  3. Quant: 37 minutes
  4. Reasoning: 55 minutes

RBI Grade B Time Management Strategy

  1. Decide before hand on the section that you are going to attempt first in the exam; pick your forte first and try out the easiest questions
  2. Leave a question that you do not know; spending extra minutes over a difficult question will do no help
  3. General awareness, computer and English are considered the easiest and less time consuming; try attempting questions from these sections first
  4. Do not hesitate to skip lengthy and time-consuming questions like puzzles in reasoning; the goal is to attempt the maximum questions in the given time
  5. In English, attempt error detection, synonym, antonym etc. first
  6. In Quant, solve the easiest ones first like inequalities, data sufficiency, blood relations, number series etc.
  7. Plan more time for reasoning and quant as both these sections consume more time
  8. Have clear idea of concepts and formulae, especially for Quant. This will save you a lot of time
  9. Attempt as many mock tests as possible; this will improve your knowledge as well as speed of problem solving
  10. Practice as your exam attempt strategy to get used to that order and perform better in the exam. You can refer to the above toppers’ time strategy to build one.

RBI Grade B Toppers’ Strategy

RBI Grade B 2017 AIR 1

“For General Awareness, I focused mainly on current affairs which I knew would equally help me in Mains. Everything I studied from was freely available on the Internet except the newspaper “The Hindu” which I love to read in hard copy. I had already purchased JAIIB books and did not buy any other books or online course material. I did purchase mock series for both Prelims and Mains, but that wasn’t much help either. It’s not that the mock series weren’t helpful but that I had very little time to give the Mocks.

For RBI, I purchased only Oliveboard as I had very little time. The notification came out of the blue in May and I hardly gave 3–4 mocks for both Prelims and Mains. I tried the free Mocks provided by other websites.”

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RBI Grade B 2016 – AIR 1

“I attempted 70 questions of GK in flat 10 minutes. 25 questions in English took another 10 minutes. The remaining time was used to shuttle between the Quant & Reasoning sections. For Phase 1, I was dependent solely on Oliveboard’s Mock Tests. I found the level of tests very difficult and hence every time there was a lot of learning and scope for improvement. For GK, I used to read newspapers like The Telegraph (Calcutta), Economic Times, Mint Business Newspaper, etc.

The maximum time of your preparation should be dedicated to General Awareness topic and you should try to maximize your score here because it covers a major portion of the Phase 1 exam. Your next focus should be on the English section. The remaining time should be dedicated to Quant and Reasoning. If you attempt 20-25 standard mock tests, you will be able to clear this part of the exam.”

Read the complete success story.

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