100 Important General Awareness Questions asked in Railway RRB Group D Exams – Part 2

Railway RRB Group D Exams are now in progress. Hundreds of questions have been asked in all the exam slots of the Railway RRB Group D Exams conducted till now. In this blog series, we have compiled together 100 Important Questions from all the questions asked in Railway RRB Group D Exams until today. This is the Part 2 of the 2 part series on 100 Important Questions asked in Railway RRB Group D Exams. These Questions are not only important for remaining Railway RRB Group D Exams but would also prove very beneficial for the SSC CGL 2018 Exam which will soon be conducted. So, here we go – 

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Railway RRB Group D Exams – 100 Important GA Questions (Part 2)



What is the scientific name of Solar Cell? Photovoltaic cell
What is the unit of Pressure Pascal
What is the Valancy of elements in the 16th Group of the periodic table 2
What substance makes the tomato red in colour? Chlorophyll
What type of Lens is present in the Human Eye? Convex lens
What was Gautum Buddha’s Mother’s name? Maya
What was the name of Chandra Gupta Maurya’s Son? Bindusara
Where was the FIFA U-17 World Cup final match held? Vivekananda Yuba Bharati Krirangan Stadium in Kolkata, India
Which acid is found in lemons? Citric acid
Which Country hosted the Women’s U-20 Fifa World Cup? France
Which country would be hosting the 2023 cricket world cup? India
Which element has least atomic mass? Hydrogen
Which element is used in Bulb filament? Tungsten
Which Film won the  Best film 2018 at the Oscars? The Shape of Water
which group In a periodic table doesn’t have metalloids? 17
Which is the last element in the Newland Octave periodic Table Thorium
Which is the longest period in the periodic table? Sixth
Which is the smallest periodic row First
Which literature book is a proof of 2 Ashwamedh yagnya performed by Pushyamitra Sunga Harivamsa
Which non-metal is lustrous in nature? Graphite, Iodine, Diamond
Which period has 8 elements in the periodic table? 2nd and 3rd Period
Which two elements don’t fit according to the Mendeleev as well as Newland table? Nickle and cobalt
Which type of lens is used in headlights of a vehicle? Concave Lens
Which Vitamin is found in Amla? Vitamin C
Who won the World Food Prize? Dr Lawrence Haddad and Dr David Nabarro
Who authored the book Half Girlfriend? Chetan Bhagat
Who gave the Octave series? John Newlands
Who got FIFA Golden Boot Award 2018? Harry Kane
Who got Rajiv Gandhi “Sadbhawana Award”? Gopal Krishna Gandhi
Who has given the slogan “Inqulab zindabad”? Hasrat Mohani
Who invented Periodic Table Dmitri Mendeleev
Who is the 1st Woman to climb Mt. Everest twice? Santosh Yadav
Who is the author of ‘My journey from Marxism-Leninism? C. H. Hanumantha Rao
Who is the author of “I do what I do”? Raghuram Rajan
Who is the author of black hill book? Mamang Dai
Who is the author of the book “Mann Ki Baat” Rajesh Jain
Who is the author of the book “One Indian Girl”? Chetan Bhagat
Who is the author of the book “War & Peace”? Leo Tolstoy
Who said, “Swaraj is my birthright and I shall have it”? Lokmanya Tilak
Who was awarded the best young player award at 2018 FIFA world cup? Kyllian Mbappe
Who was declared the UEFA Football Player of the year? Luka Modric
Who was the Youngest Indian woman to climb Mount Everest Shivangi Gupta
Who won the 2018 French Open? Rafael Nadal
Who won the Global Diversity Award? Salman Khan
Who won the Golden Gloves award at 2018 Fifa World Cup? Thibaut Courtois
Who won the RedInk Award? Faye D’Souza
Who wrote Satyarth Prakash? Dayananda Saraswati
Who wrote the book – ‘An Unsuitable Boy’ Karan Johar
Who wrote the book ‘Why I am a Hindu” Shashi Tharoor
Whose autobiography is Khullam Khulla? Rishi Kapoor
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That is all in Part 2 of 100 Important Questions asked in Railway RRB Group D Exams. We hope you liked the questions given above and found them as a useful addition to your  Exam preparation knowledge for Railway RRB Group D ExamsRRB ALP Exams and SSC CGL 2018 Exam. Stay tuned for more Exam preparation content. All the best.

Railway RRB Group D Exams

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