List of Army Regiments in India – Download Ebook (pdf)

Static GK plays an important role in the general awareness section of any banking and government examination. In banking and government examinations, even 1 mark can be of great importance and may potentially determine the outcome of the examinations. Therefore, it is necessary to have complete and thorough knowledge of the Static GK, because it is one of those parts where there is nothing to calculate or solve and therefore they can help candidates score more marks with ease.



Therefore, in this e-book, list of Army Regiments in Indian Army have been covered.

List of Army Regiments in India

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A sample question that may come in the exam from this topic would be like –

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From which year did the Bihar Regiment in the Indian Army become active?
a. 1938
b. 1939
c. 1940
d. 1941
Correct Answer: d. 1941


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