Banking Awareness Questions for Interviews


Interview is the most important aspect of the entire Banking Examination procedure as it is the last stage and upon selection, you are all set to start your career in the banking sector. Your aptitude and general awareness is already tested by the written exam and the interview is aimed towards judging your personality, communication, presentation and interpersonal skills.

This post is aimed to familiarize you with some common topics related to Banking sector that you must prepare for the interview.

Since you have applied for a bank job, the interviewers might ask questions related to the banking sector to test your awareness. You shouldn’t expect detailed or very technical questions but you must be aware with the basic know-how. Some of the topics that you must know about are :-

  1. Prominent personalities of banking industry (Governor, Deputy Governor of RBI etc)
  2. Details about Cheque, Demand Draft, Certificate of Deposits, and difference between them
  3. Different types of Bank accounts and interests offered under each
  4. Special schemes related to the bank you are applying to (For ex Super Saver and Sweep-in facility in HDFC Bank, Flexi Fix Deposit Scheme in ICICI Bank etc)
  5. Repo Rate, Reverse Repo Rate, LAF (Liquidity Adjustment Facility) etc
  6. Details about the basic documents a person needs to open a bank account (for ex- KYC form, identity proof, address proof etc)
  7. Headquarters of Major Indian Banks
  8. FDI, Direct & Indirect Taxes, Income Tax Return, TDS etc (basic knowledge only, you do not need to know in detail)
  9. Questions may be asked on Current Rate of Inflation, GDP, GNP etc
  10. Questions on Mutual Fund Investments, Hedge Funds, Demat account, SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) etc
  11. Basic questions on SENSEX, NIFTY and Indian Stock Market
  12. Government initiated banking schemes, for ex Jan Dhan Yojana
  13. History of Indian Banking Sector (1st Bank in India, Nationalization of Banks in India, 1st Bank to introduce ATMs in India, 1st Private Sector Bank in India etc)

We will shortly publish other important preparation tips for the interview. Keep watching this space.

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