CAIIB Exam Analysis BFM – Paper 2 I November 2022 I All Shifts

CAIIB Exam Analysis BFM: CAIIB November 2022, Paper 1 BFM is over. You can read the exam analysis below. CAIIB November 2022 exam is being conducted on 27th November, 4th and 10th December 2022. Out of three, the second paper, BFM, is over and candidates find topics on which questions were asked here. You can also find previous cycle questions in this section.

CAIIB Exam Analysis BFM November 2022 – All Shifts

The Difficulty Level of CAIIB Paper 2, BFM was Moderate. As with ABM, numericals were reduced significantly. The question paper was 80% to 20% of theory to numerical.

  • 30-35 questions from Module C
  • Bonds
  • Macaulay Duration theory
  • Forex
  • Call option/put option
  • Vertical allowance
  • T-Bills
  • FCNR
  • CBLO
  • Case Study from risk weight
  • Coupon Rate
  • Market risk
  • Provision
  • Red Clause-LC
  • Term and Notice money
  • CP Usance bill
  • CP & CD
  • ECGC
  • Bond/Duration
  • Tier I cap
  • Haircut
  • NRE
  • NPA
  • UCP600
  • NTP
  • Transit period
  • Factoring
  • Cash management
  • Fold Country Risk
  • Treasury Bill
  • Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment
  • Japanese currency rate conversion
  • Warehouse
  • Temporary Assest
  • SRP Pillar

CAIIB Exam Analysis BFM July 2022 – Shift 1

CAIIB Exam Analysis BFM- The Difficulty Level of CAIIB Paper 2, BFM was moderate to Tough. Overall paper was balanced, in numerical and theory questions. Approximately 30-35 numerical were there. CAIIB Exam Paper 2 BFM was not easy, it was quite tough. Read below to know the other topics covered in the exam.

TopicNo. of questions
Risk Identification4-5
ECGC Products 2-3
Case Studies 6

Topics covered in exam

Basic Risk Definition
TT selling rate
FCNR(B) Acct
USD permissible limit for travelers
Red clause LC
Pre shipment finance
Globalization definition
Treasury function
ECGC products
Derivatives numerical
Basel III norms
Capital charge for certain assets
Stock approach tolerance level
Provisioning for Doubtful assets
Market risk calculation methods
FBIL benchmark
Risk Identification
Cash, Tom, Spot and Forward
Vertical Horizontal
Cookie ratio formula
NSFR Formula
Embedded Option Risk
Weekly & Monthly VaR
RAPM Calculated As
Two Dimensions of Credit Risk
Provisioning Coverage Ratio

CAIIB Exam Analysis ABM June 2022 – Shift 1

CAIIB Exam Analysis ABM- The Difficulty Level of CAIIB Paper 1, ABM was moderate to Tough. Overall paper was balanced, in numerical and theory questions. Approximately 40% of the paper was based on numerical. CAIIB Exam Paper 1 ABM was not easy, it was quite tough. Read below to know the other topics covered in the exam.

TopicNo. of questions
Future value of Money2-3
Bond Valuation3-4
Demand Curve1
Money Supply2-3
Correlation & Regression3

Some Topics Covered in CAIIB Exam 2022 – ABM

CAIIB Exam Analysis ABM topics covered in the shift 1 of CAIIB Exam June 2022 are:

  • Drawing power working capital – CD
  • Personality traits- 5 marks CD
  • Future value of money – 2-3 numerical 
  • Bond Valuation = 3-4
  • Demand Curve
  • Appraisal = 2-3 
  • GDP
  • Money Supply
  • Present value
  • Regression 
  • Simulation
  • Correlation & Regression
  • Social Needs
  • Economy Definition 
  • Corporate Debt Restructuring 
  • Bond Calculation 
  • Credit System
  • Sinking Numerical
  • IS Theory
  • HRM
  • Infrastructure
  • Gini Index
  • Maslow
  • Inflation based Questions
  • Vroom Theory
  • Average Moving method
  • Population Standard Error
  • Estimation
  • Fiscal Related
  • Macro Economics
  • IC limit
  • Capital Conservation Buffer
  • Types of personality
  • National Income
  • Erik Erthsom
  • FRBM Act
  • Ends refer to welfare
  • Maslow

CAIIB Exam Shift Timings

There are three shifts for CAIIB Exam. Exam starts on Shift 1 at 8.30, Shift 2 – 11.15 and shift 3 – 2.00, other timings of each shift is mentioned below in the table.

ActivitiesShift 1Shift 2Shift 3
Reporting Time8.0010.451.30
Entry to the Lab8.00-8.1510.45-11.001.30-1.45
Gate Closing8.1511.001.45
Login for Sample Test8.2011.051.50
Exam Start Time8.3011.152.00
Exam End Time10.301.154.00


IIBF has announced that the CAIIB 2022 exams will begin on the 26th of June 2022 through a notification posted on its official website. The following dates have been announced. Meanwhile, take caiib mock test to start your preparation now.

CAIIB Registration 2022: Dates and Fees

The important dates for the December cycle of CAIIB 2022 are as follows:

Events Dates
Starting of Application Process30.09.2022
Last Date of Registration 20.10.2022
CAIIB- Advanced Bank Management Exam date27-11-2022
CAIIB- Bank Financial Management Exam date04-12-2022
CAIIB- Rural Banking 10-12-2022
CAIIB/ CAIIB ELEC-Retail Banking10-12-2022
CAIIB/ CAIIB ELEC-Human Resources Management10-12-2022
CAIIB/ CAIIB ELEC-Information Technology10-12-2022
CAIIB/ CAIIB ELEC-Risk Management 10-12-2022
CAIIB/ CAIIB ELEC-Central Banking10-12-2022

Candidates are advised to visit IIBF Website regularly, as well as, a day before the Examination Date for any important update/Notice or Change in Examination Venue/Batch, etc. related to the examination. Candidates are required to cooperate with the examination conducting authorities for conducting the examination smoothly in the COVID-19 environment.

What was the CAIIB BFM November Cycle 2022 difficulty?

The ABM exam of the CAIIB November 2022 cycle had moderate difficulty.

How much score is needed to qualify BFM in CAIIB November 2022 cycle?

Candidates require at least 50 marks in each exam OR candidates should get a minimum of 45 in each and overall 50% marks in CAIIB 2022 November cycle to qualify.


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