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Current Affairs Today – For all candidates preparing for a government exam, current affairs are essential. Current affairs are becoming increasingly important in the General Awareness section of all exams, especially UPSC CSE, State PCS, CDS, SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, BANKING exams, RRB NTPC, and other Government (Sarkari) Exam, etc. In order to keep up with current affairs, one should read the newspaper daily, however, this takes time as you also have other sections to study. Oliveboard provides free Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Current Affairs for you to prepare for the Current Affairs exam. Also, you can download the Current Affairs Pdf for each day. Oliveboard Bolt, the Monthly Current Affairs PDF will help you retain whatever you have learned throughout the month. Get links Current Affairs today videos of Oliveboard and daily TNA videos.

Oliveboard has a team of experts that will provide you with high-quality Current Affairs to assist you in scoring well. In this section, we provide you with daily current affairs by linking them to the static portion and ensuring you have a chance to revise by giving you multiple-choice questions after reading the daily news.

Current Affairs Today | Day Wise Current Affairs 2022

We cover all relevant current affairs topics relevant to all types of competitive exams stated above in order to put you in the best position to succeed in the exam or competition you are aiming for.

Current Affairs TodayJune 2022

DateToday’s News AnalysisDaily Current Affairs
20 July Click hereClick here
19 JulyClick hereClick here
18 JulyClick here
17 JulyClick here
16 July
15 JulyClick here
14 JulyClick here
13 JulyClick hereClick here
12 JulyClick hereClick here
11 JulyClick here
10 JulyClick here
9 JulyClick here
8 JulyClick hereClick here
7 JulyClick hereClick here
6 JulyClick hereClick here
5 JulyClick hereClick here
4 JulyClick here
3 July
2 JulyClick hereClick here
1 JulyClick hereClick here
30 JuneClick hereClick here
29 JuneClick hereClick here
28 JuneClick hereClick here
27 JuneClick here
25 JuneClick hereClick here
24 JuneClick hereClick here
23 JuneClick hereClick here
22 JuneClick hereClick here
21 JuneClick hereClick here
20 JuneClick hereClick here
19 June
18 JuneClick hereClick here
17 JuneClick hereClick here
16 JuneClick hereClick here
15 JuneClick hereClick here
14 JuneClick hereClick here
13 JuneClick hereClick here
12 June Click here
10 JuneClick here Click here
09 JuneClick hereClick here
08 JuneClick hereClick here
07 JuneClick hereClick here
06 JuneClick here
04 JuneClick here
03 JuneClick hereClick here
02 JuneClick hereClick here
01 JuneClick hereClick here

Current Affairs TodayMay 2022

DateDaily Current Affairs Video
31 MayClick here
30 MayClick here
28 MayClick here
27 MayClick here
26 MayClick here
25 MayClick here
23 MayClick here
21 MayClick here
20 MayClick here
19 MayClick here
18 MayClick here
17 MayClick here
16 MayClick here
14 MayClick here
13 MayClick here
12 MayClick here
11 May Click here
10 MayClick here
9 MayClick here
7 MayClick here
6 MayClick here
5 MayClick here
4 MayClick here
3 MayClick here
2 MayClick here

April 2022

DateDaily Current Affairs Video
30th April 2022Watch here
29th April 2022Watch here
28th April 2022Watch here
27th April 2022Watch here
26th April 2022Watch here
25th April 2022Watch here
23rd April 2022Watch here
22nd April 2022Watch here
21st April 2022Watch here
20th April 2022Watch here
19th April 2022Watch here
18th April 2022Watch here
16th April 2022Watch here
15th April 2022Watch here
14th April 2022Watch here
13th April 2022Watch here
12th April 2022Watch here
11th April 2022Watch here
9th April 2022Watch here
8th April 2022Watch here
7th April 2022Watch here
6th April 2022Watch Here
5th April 2022Watch Here
4th April 2022Watch Here
2nd April 2022Watch Here
1st April 2022Watch Here

March 2022

DateDaily Current Affairs Video
29th March 2022Watch Here
28th March 2022Watch Here
26th March 2022Watch Here
25th March 2022Watch Here
24th March 2022Watch Here
23rd March 2022Watch Here
22nd March 2022Watch Here
21st March 2022Watch Here
19th March 2022Watch Here
18th March 2022Watch Here
17th March 2022Watch Here
16th March 2022Watch Here
15th March 2022Watch Here
14th March 2022Watch Here
12th March 2022Watch Here
11th March 2022Watch Here
10th March 2022Watch Here
9th March 2022Watch Here
8th March 2022Watch Here
7th March 2022Watch Here
5th March 2022Watch Here
4th March 2022Watch Here
3rd March 2022Watch Here
2nd March 2022Watch Here
1st March 2022Watch Here

February 2022

DateDaily Current Affairs Video
28th February 2022Watch Here
26th February 2022Watch Here
25th February 2022Watch Here
24th February 2022Watch Here
23rd February 2022Watch Here
22nd February 2022Watch Here
21st February 2022Watch Here
19th February 2022Watch Here
18th February 2022Watch Here
17th February 2022Watch Here
16th February 2022Watch Here
15th February 2022Watch Here
14th February 2022Watch Here
12th February 2022Watch Here
11th February 2022Watch Here
10th February 2022Watch Here
9th February 2022Watch Here
8th February 2022Watch Here
7th February 2022Watch Here
5th February 2022Watch Here
4th February 2022Watch Here
3rd February 2022Watch Here
2nd February 2022Watch Here
1st February 2022Watch Here

January 2022

DateDaily Current Affairs Video
31st January 2022Watch Here
28th and 29th January 2022Watch Here
27th January 2022Watch Here
26th January 2022Watch Here
25th January 2022Watch Here
24th January 2022Watch Here
20th January 2022Watch Here
19th January 2022Watch Here
18th January 2022Watch Here
17th January 2022Watch Here
15th January 2022Watch Here
14th January 2022Watch Here
13th January 2022Watch Here
12th January 2022Watch Here
11th January 2022Watch Here
10th January 2022Watch Here
8th January 2022Watch Here
7th January 2022Watch Here
6th January 2022Watch Here
5th January 2022Watch Here
4th January 2022Watch Here
3rd January 2022Watch Here

December 2021

DayDaily Current AffairsDaily Current Affairs Video
13th December 2021Read HereWatch Here
11th December 2021Read HereWatch Here
10th December 2021Read HereWatch Here
9th December 2021Read HereWatch Here
8th December 2021Read HereWatch Here
7th December 2021Read HereWatch Here
6th December 2021Read HereWatch Here
4th December 2021Read HereWatch Here
3rd December 2021Read HereWatch Here
2nd December 2021Read HereWatch Here
1st December 2021Read HereWatch Here

November 2021

DayDaily Current AffairsDaily Current Affairs Video
30th November 2021Read HereWatch Here
29th November 2021Read HereWatch Here
24th November 2021Read HereWatch Here
23rd November 2021Read HereWatch Here
19th November 2021Read HereWatch Here
18th November 2021Read HereWatch Here
17th November 2021Read HereWatch Here
16th November 2021Read HereWatch Here
15th November 2021Read HereWatch Here
13th November 2021Read HereWatch Here
12th November 2021Read HereWatch Here
11th November 2021Read HereWatch Here
2nd November 2021Read HereWatch Here
1st November 2021Read HereWatch Here

October 2021

DayDaily Current AffairsDaily Current Affairs Video
23rd October 2021Read HereWatch Here
22nd October 2021Read HereWatch Here
21st October 2021Read HereWatch Here
20th October 2021Read HereWatch Here
14th October 2021Read HereWatch Now
13th October 2021Read HereWatch Now
12th October 2021Read HereWatch Now
11th October 2021Read HereWatch Now
9th October 2021Read HereWatch Now
8th October 2021Read HereWatch Now
7th October 2021Read HereWatch Now
6th October 2021Read HereWatch Now
5th October 2021Read HereWatch Now
4th October 2021Read HereWatch Now

Monthly Current Affairs PDF

What are the benefits of reading current affairs?

  • Current Affairs refers to national or international events relevant to competitive exams such as Civil Service Exams, Bank Exams, etc. The pattern of examinations has changed in recent years, and questions related to current events and news have become a major factor in determining students’ fate.
  • The key to success in the IAS exam, Government exams, or any competitive exam is a solid knowledge of Current Affairs. In terms of current affairs, it includes issues pertaining to history, geography, economics, environment, politics, science, technology, and others.
  • Candidates should keep informed about current affairs that make national and international headlines. There has been considerable overlap between the static and dynamic portions of current affairs curriculum over recent years. Traditionally, static portions of the syllabus are likely to contain unexpected questions related to current affairs.
  • It is evident that Current Affairs has been a major part of the competitive exams for the majority of time. In spite of the low number of questions, the GA section often contain current affairs questions.

When preparing for the competitive exam, aspirants find it difficult to decide which news items to read and which to avoid. This is where experts can assist. Newsworthy events occur across the country and throughout the world every day. What is the best method to select current affairs relevant for competitive exams among all the noise? What if you could get the daily news analysed and dissected specifically for competitive exams instead of spending time selecting which topic to study? Our Oliveboard Daily Current Affairs offerings provide just that. Read Current Affairs Today in this blog through our the year.

Daily Current Affairs FAQs | Current Affairs Today

How frequently should I study current affairs?

One must study daily current affairs so that he/she remains aware of what is going on at the national and international levels.

How should I prepare for current affairs?

Select the important news as per the exam’s need and present to you in the easiest way to understand.

What is the best way to test my current affairs preparation?

The best way to test your current affairs is to attempt Current Affairs Quiz daily. Practicing through our current affairs quiz daily will provide you a real exam feel.

Why are monthly current affairs important?

Monthly Current Affairs are very important for the revision and are handy. You can revise all the current affairs of a month to help strengthen your preparation level.

Will daily current affairs be sufficient for my preparation for SSC, PCS, Banking, Defence, etc.?

Yes, these will be helpful for every government exam, including SSC, State PCS, Banking, Defence, etc. Current Affairs are prepared from different sources to save time, and one will not be required to need newspapers.

Which type of topics are included in Daily Current Affairs?

Topics like National News, International News, Indian Polity, Indian Economy, World Economy, Geography, Science and Technology, Meetings and Summits, Personalities in News, Places in News, Organisations, etc. are comprehensively covered in Daily Current Affairs.

Which sources are used to prepare Daily Current Affairs?

Daily Current Affairs are prepared by the experts after referring to various sources like News on AIR, The Hindu, Indian Express, The Hindu Business Line, The Financial Express, PIB, etc.

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