Economic and Social Issues (ESI): Sustainable Development and Environmental Issues | RBI Grade B 2018

The RBI Grade B Officer Recruitment 2018 Notification is out! If you are ready to get started, check out the RBI Grade B Preparation Strategy and Suggestions for RBI Grade B Study Material and for a strategy, you can check out the RBI Grade B Toppers’ Strategy For ESI, you may also check out the ESI Lessons from Oliveboard. The selection process for RBI Grade B Officers is divided into 3 stages including Phase I examination, Phase II examination, and the interview. For the final selection, the marks scored by the candidates in the Phase II examination and the interview are considered, so those are the most important parts of the exam process. However, at the same time, they must also clear Phase I to qualify in the preliminary rounds. This blog post focuses on the Phase II exam; the Phase II exam has 3 papers including Economic and Social Issues (ESI), Descriptive Test, and Finance and Management. Each paper has a maximum of 100 marks and needs to be completed within 90 minutes; in this post, the focus is on the Economic and Social Issues (ESI).

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The ESI paper includes several topics which are: Growth and Development, Poverty Alleviation and Employment Generation in India, Sustainable Development and Environmental Issues, Economic Reforms in India, Industrial and Labour Policy, Monetary and Fiscal Policy, Privatization, Role of Economic Planning, Globalization, Balance of Payments, Export-Import Policy, International Economic Institutions, IMF and World Bank, World Trade Organization (WTO), Regional Economic Co-operation, Social Structure in India, Multiculturalism, Demographic Trends, Urbanization and Migration, Gender Issues, Social Justice: Positive Discrimination in favour of the Under-Privileged, Social Movements, Indian Political System, Human Development, and Health and Education. Given that each topic in ESI is important, it is necessary to understand what to study for each topic to be thoroughly prepared for the ESI.

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In this case, we shall look at the topics to be focused under the Sustainable Development and Environmental Issues part under the ESI paper:

  1. Understanding sustainable development – what does it mean?
  2. India’s Environment – natural endowments of resources India has, and they help enrich India’s natural environment
  3. International Treaties – various treaties that were signed to protect the environment along with their dates
  4. Sustainable Development Goals – as declared by the UN General Assembly
  5. Green Development – How the program has unfolded in India
  6. Green Climate Fund (GCF) – definition and application
  7. Sustainable Development and Climate Change – How are they both related to each other? What makes them related?
  8. Indian Programs to Prevent Climate Change
  9. Renewable Energy in India
  10. Economic Survey 2018 – focus on the Development and Climate Change topic
  11. Other relevant and important terms  related to the environmental issues and development.

To know get detailed notes on ESI Sustainable Development and Environmental Issues, check out Oliveboard’s ESI & FM Lesson-wise Notes.


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