Free Banking Awareness Ebook: Important Abbreviations, Volume IV

In banking and competitive examinations, general awareness and current affairs play an important role in determining the final score and outcome of the candidate. In general awareness and current affairs, static GK forms an important part that cannot be overlooked. From the perspective of examination, since Static GK does not keep changing, it is relatively easier to score marks in it if you study it regularly and revise it to keep your memory fresh. Therefore, to help you score some marks with relative ease, we at Oliveboard continually come out with static GK information put together in the form of e-books. In this e-book, we have included the fourth volume of banking abbreviations. Let’s see once more how a question regarding banking abbreviations may appear in the examination:

Choose the correct full form of this abbreviation: GNIE

  1. Gross Net Income and Expenditure
  2. Gross Net Individual Expenditure
  3. Genuine Net Income Evidence
  4. Government Not Included Elsewhere

The correct answer for this is (d.) Government Not Included Elsewhere.

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