Free dynamic study planner for IBPS PO

Crack IBPS PO 2016 with Oliveboard’s free dynamic study planner

IBPS PO Exam is fast approaching and candidates across the country are gearing up for one of the most competitive exams, which is just a couple of months away. This year around 2-3 lakh candidates are expected to appear for this exam. Clearing the exam in the first attempt is of utmost priority for many candidates, as failing to do so would mean they will need to reapply the next year.

Clearing the exam in the first attempt is easier if you plan well and follow it religiously. Oliveboard provides a dynamic study planner which will help you device your own personalized study plan and give you options to customize it. We have now made our study planner available for all users without registration.

Click here to open the planner –

The study planner has the following features:

Customizable: The study planner allows you to personalize the plan according to the time available to you and the syllabus. There is option to include/exclude weekends as per your preference.

Covers the entire syllabus: The planner helps you cover the entire syllabus within the time available.

Tracking: The planner allows you to track your progress with the syllabus.

Study material: The topics listed in the planner are clickable and lead to study material like the mock tests, video lectures or lessons.

Flexible: The planner is highly flexible and allows you to move around the items within the planner, enabling you to customize it further.

Summary: Summary lists down the tasks that you’re assigned for a particular day and the upcoming tasks.

Click here to take a free IBPS PO Mock test.