Free Ebook: Important Articles in the Indian Constitution

Banking and Government examinations are quite competitive. Every mark can make the difference between the selection and rejection of a candidate. Therefore, as a serious aspirant, it should be your objective to get every mark you can possibly earn. Static GK can help you to some extent in this case, because the information does not change and therefore you only need to memorize it once and then refresh your memory from time to time as and when needed. Hence, we at Oliveboard regularly bring you Static GK e-Books in which the information has been neatly compiled and managed such that it’s easy for you to study and revise the said information. This time, we have compiled the list of important articles in the Indian Constitution. Let’s look at a sample question from this Static GK topic:

In the Indian Constitution, what does Article 32 include?

  1. Remedies for the reinforcement of Fundamental Rights
  2. Definition of Directive Principal of States Policy (DPSP)
  3. Equal justice and free legal aid
  4. Right of minorities to establish and administer educational institutions

Correct answer – (a) Remedies for the reinforcement of Fundamental Rights

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