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Vocabulary in competitive examinations (banking and government examinations) is quite important. In several cases, it might be possible that the student does not know the meaning of a word which can cause them to lose a mark by selecting the wrong option. However, in this case, negative marking can ruin their efforts if they do not manage to clear a cut-off. So, it is quite necessary to be well prepared against such problems or cases. To understand how a question may be included in an examination (such as SBI PO), check out the question below –


“Select the most effective words from the given options to fill the blanks and make the sentences meaningfully complete.”

John did not readily accept the standards, being a ______________, there is no surprise that he is so __________________.

a. Madman, Crazy
b. Neophyte, Salacious
c. Maverick, Audacious
d. Prodigy, Radical

Solution: [c.] Maverick, Audacious

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Explanation: Option [a.] and [b.] do not make sense as Salacious means obscene which isn’t hinted anywhere while not accepting the standards does not make anyone crazy, and if someone is a Prodigy, they may not always be radical in their ways. However, someone who is a Maverick tries to follow unconventional ways to achieve their objectives or deliver results and hence they must be bold or audacious. Therefore, [c.] is the correct answer. 

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