General Knowledge March 19th 2015 (2015-03-19)

IOC in talks to market 5kg Cylinders

Indian Oil Corporation(IOC) is in talks to sell 5kg LPG cylinders at Supermarkets. The main motive is to make LPG cylinders accessible to a wider population, which currently struggle to get domestic LPG cylinders.

Microsoft launches most affordable internet phone

Microsoft launched Nokia 215 dual sim phone priced at Rs. 2149, calling the India’s most affordable internet phone.

200 Crore innovation fund for Agriculture

Government has launched a 200 Crore fund to set up technology and incubation centers for innovation in agro industry.

Premium class airfares go up by 2.5%

Following changes in service tax announced in Union budget 2015, First class and Business class airfares have gone up by 2.5%. Economy class fares remain unchanged.

“Mahindra World City” to create over 2500 jobs

Mahindra World city(MWC), 50 kms from Chennai, is expected to create 2500+ jobs over the next couple of years. MWC has already signed up with 64 companies, 49 of which have started operations.