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How to Ace the REASONING Section of the upcoming SBI PO 2018 EXAM?

How to Ace the REASONING Section of the upcoming SBI PO 2018 EXAM

SBI PO 2018 notification was recently released. While the SBI PO prelims is on 1st, 7th& 8th of July 2018, the SBI PO mains is on 4th August 2018. Reasoning Ability is one of the three sections of test for SBI PO Prelims. There will be 35 questions and 20 minutes duration to complete. Here’s a post on how to ace the reasoning section of the upcoming SBI PO 2018 exam. Let’s go through the reasoning syllabus for SBI PO first.

SBI PO Syllabus – Reasoning Ability
  • Inequalities
  • Ordering and Ranking
  • Circular/Linear/Square Arrangement
  • Puzzle test
  • Syllogism
  • Coding Decoding
  • Blood Relations
  • Direction Sense
  • Order and Ranking
  • Series
  • Statement and Assumption
  • Input Output
  • Data Sufficiency
  • Grouping and Selection
First Thing First: Build your Concepts

One of the most important aspects of exam preparation is having crystal clear concepts. Having strong basics helps you crack the toughest of all questions and thus score better. The best way to build your basics is to watch video lessons.

Why Videos?

  • Because video lessons are interactive
  • you can learn at your own pace
  • if you’re not clear, you can always watch again!

For your assistance, we have now launched Oliveboard Video Crash Course to make learning easy. With this, you get access to 200+ videos @ Rs.999/- only. Along with explanation of concepts, our experts will take you through examples and solutions in these videos. Watch sample videos here.


Oliveboard’s SBI PO Video Crash Course: Syllogism | Free Reasoning Video

Oliveboard’s SBI PO Video Crash Course: Direction Sense | Free Reasoning Video

Oliveboard’s SBI PO Video Crash Course: Linear Arrangements | Free Reasoning Video

View the complete list of 200+ videos here: https://bit.ly/2rOSaOA

To buy the complete list of 200+ videos at just Rs.999/- click here.

Practice is the mantra: Take Mocks

Taking tests regularly is the best way to achieve this goal. Various types of tests can help you improve on various aspects. Here’s how:

Topic Tests: These tests come in 3 difficulty levels, namely: Level 1 (easy), Level 2 (moderate), Level 3 (difficult). Take these tests to establish your proficiency in a particular topic. Start with the basics and then gradually move from easy to higher difficulty questions.

Sectional Tests: There are 20 sectional tests provided to you for each of English, Quant, and Reasoning. Use these tests to build on your sectional strategies. This will help you focus on each section and think of it as one paper in itself. Fine tune your strengths, identify your weaknesses and work on them.

Full Length Mocks: Take the full-length mocks to give yourself a feel of the exam. Ideally, one full mock must be attempted before you begin your preparation, as this helps you see where you stand and where you need to reach. Think of this as a diagnostic test.

Remember that just attempting a lot of mocks is not enough. You MUST spend a great deal of time analyzing your performance and coming up with ways to improve in the next mock. So, with expert videos and adequate practice, we are positive that you will be able shine the SBI PO exam.

Hope this helps. If you are looking for any more information or assistance, mention it in the comment section below.


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