How To Remain Motivated For Delayed IBPS Mains Exams

IBPS has postponed all mains exams for IBPS RRB PO/Clerk – 2020. The personnel selection board is conducting the supplementary prelims for PO and Clerk and registration windows are open for new aspirants. Moreover, the results of the prelims are not declared and experts are expecting a common mains exam for both the prelims for IBPS participating banks and RRBs. Not to mention the number of vacancies have been increased considerably.

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How to Keep Yourself Motivated for Postponed IBPS Mains

Social media is reacting differently over the decision and suggest aspirants to remain focused more with their mains preparations and less on the delay of mains and prelims results. For a lot of aspirants, this delay brings extra days to prepare for mains. But these extra number of days can prove to be “not good” for motivation and focus. Aspirants need to stay fit and ready for your exam.

The world is going through a tough and uncertain situation and aspirants need to recognize that and prepare for the exams to their fullest. It’s important to keep learning new things and challenge yourself. Preparing with the help of online experts and resources will eventually make a difference in your preparation.

Here are few tips to keep yourself motivated for upcoming IBPS mains exams.

Get Over Stress with Smaller Goals and Objectives

Sectional tests help you measure your progress and you get to something to practice on a daily basis. These can also be used to set SMART goals for yourselves. Oliveboard mock test series are one of the most efficient ways to do so. Some goals and objectives that these sectional mock test fulfils are: –

    • Specific to the original pattern and topics
    • Performance measurement
    • Achievable targets
    • Relevant additional learning resources
    • Timely/ Fixed Intervals till the actual exam dates

These sectional tests will keep you focused and you’ll put your energy into something productive. To ease any mental pressure, you need to balance out your learning schedule with activities like practising your hobby, taking an indoor game or reading newspaper.

Practice on Full-Length Mock Tests

As exams are postponed this delay gives you some extra time to practice – and practice like they’ve never done before!

Oliveboard provides you a wide variety of sample and practice tests available online for banking, SSC, and Other Govt. Recruitment Exam. The more practice tests you take, more you’ll be able to monitor your progress in a concrete, measurable way on a single dashboard.

Keeping things interesting is important – if your learners are just going over the same old material they’ll start to get bored and frustrated. Playing games online is a good way to practice English for a few moments in their downtime – and there are lots of options available.

Revision is the Easiest Way to Stay Prepared

Sometimes it is the learner’s responsibility to decide their best revision strategies. Oliveboard App, Oliveboard YouTube Channel and other online resources can be one-stop-shop for all your preparation needs.

You can start your mornings with Daily GK/GS/Editorial Analysis on our YouTube Channel, take daily sectional mock tests over the course of the day, download handy eBooks and subject-wise notes for easy access to concept building resources, and finally attempt full length mock test at regular intervals.

Find Your Study Buddy on Oliveboard Discussion Forum

There are lots of online resources to promote collaborative work. Students can use video conferencing tools like Zoom, Skype or Google Hangouts to practice their speaking and listening skills together. And for reading and writing, they can share their work in real time using Google Docs and also leave one another comments and suggestions.

Make Preparation Part of Your Daily Lives

Former IBPS topper say that brought preparation into their daily lives and is a great practice to establish. You’ll find a lot of opportunities for daily practice even when you are employed or learning from home. You can start watching channels like Rajya Sabha TV, Preparation videos on YouTube, or subscribe to Oliveboard Edge for All-out access to learning videos and Live Classes.

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Happy Learning from Oliveboard!

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