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Quantitative aptitude is one of the topics where marks can both be scored if the candidate has practiced but may also prove to be ridiculously challenging if the trend of the paper is determined to be so. This blog post focuses on how percentages questions can be solved with relative ease. Some other important quantitative aptitude guides include the RBI Grade B Quantitative Aptitude Preparation Tips and Quantitative Aptitude for IBPS PO

Percentages are one of the easier topics in the Quantitative Aptitude and/or Numerical Ability section of the Bank PO and government examinations. In the Quantitative Aptitude syllabus, percentages is a topic where one can score marks quickly. In this blog post, the method of elimination will be used to determine the correct answer quickly and accurately.

Consider the question here:

  • What is 33.33% of 786?
    • 262
    • 236
    • 315
    • 350

Now, in the examination, you could certainly try computing 33.33% of 786 directly, BUT that would take a lot of time. You want to be quick, so you take the following steps:

  • Start by rounding off the required percentage to a whole number %. For example, in this case, 33.33% should be rounded off to 30% (if the asked number % is more than _5% then round it to the next whole number. For example, if they asked 35%, then round it off to 40%).
  • It is now easy to compute the 30% of 786, just multiply 786 by 0.3 which comes out to be about 235.8 or about 236.
  • Since 33.33% is more than 30%, 33.33% of 786 must be greater than 236.
  • Comparing all the 4 options, the only choice which is the nearest to 236 (only being about 3.3% more) is 262.
  • Therefore, 262 is the correct answer

This method will not take much time once you get used to it. Let’s consider another question:

  • What percentage of Rs. 2,650 is Rs. 1,987.50?
    • 60%
    • 75%
    • 80%
    • 90%

In this case, we take the reverse method since the numbers are given and the question asks us the percentage.

  • Consider 50% of 2,650, which will be 1,325.
  • Consider 25% of 2,650 which will be the half of 1,325 which is approximately 662.25
  • Adding both will get you about Rs. 1,987.25, which is about 75%
  • So, the answer is 75%

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Some general tips to solve Percentages Questions FAST

  • Focus on the numbers: numbers can be for anything including natural numbers, whole numbers, fractions, etc.
  • Always use the rounding principle. If the number asks for the %, round it to the next multiple of 10, like 20, 30, 40, etc.
  • Use the method of educated estimation. First compute the nearest multiple of 10 percentage as needed as per the rounding principle and then simply eliminate the choices that are not accurate.
  • Do NOT attempt to compute the percentages of numbers directly. The examiners want you to do that and you will waste your time if you go on that route.
  • While you do not need to compute directly, you shall still need to make some calculations. Therefore, you need to practice the questions still to ensure that you are having a decent speed when you solve them in the actual exam. 
  • Percentages are an easy topic, but that should not stop you from practicing all the variants of questions that may appear in the exam. Two varieties were mentioned in this case.Practice them all and make notes wherever applicable. 

All the Best! 


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