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How to Write a Good Precis | RBI Grade B

How to Write a Good Precis RBI Grade B 2018

The RBI Grade B Officer Recruitment Notification has been out since quite some time now. If you are planning to write the RBI Grade B Officer examination, it is best that you being without further delay; just take a look at RBI Grade B Topper’s Strategy and create your own. While preparing, make sure that you are following the Suggestions for the RBI Grade B Study Material. However, ensure that you know what Things to Remember When Making Study Schedules so that you can follow the same. This blog post focuses on how to write a good precis for RBI Grade B.

  • Read the passage given at least twice and understand the concept – because you will be required to both understand the general concept of the whole topic as well as highlight the important points which you think will maintain the essence of the passage in the precis.
    • In your first reading, ensure that you capture the gist of the passage. 
    • In your second reading, highlight any important points in the passage that you think must be included in the precis.
  • Organize your points or information in a structured form – since the Precis must capture the essence of the actual passage, the important points you have taken down in the previous step must align with the same structure as the passage. 
  • Prepare a draft of the precis – with the important information structured as per the passage, write a draft that includes the information in a well-structured. 
  • Revisit the passage to determine if you have missed any part or point – this is to ensure that you have not missed out any important piece of information. Since you have already created your draft, you can just add a piece of information if you have missed it. This way you will not be writing from scratch and hence this will help you save your time. 
  • Finalize your Precis draft – once all the important information has been included in the precis, proofread it once before you submit.

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Sample Precis (with Solution)


So, from this passage, the following main points can be inferred:

  1. Money is indeed one of the common attractions for almost everyone in life. Everyone regardless of their profession has some affinity towards money.
  2. However, those who are intelligent and sensible do not make money the main object or aspiration of their lives.

How can you identify the main points from the passage? By looking at which ideas have been repeated for the maximum number of times.

Following then, the Precis should include the following main points including:

  1. Money is a common attraction
  2. However intelligent and sensible professionals do not prioritize it over their work
  3. A soldier’s objective is to win battles, not to get paid for winning them
  4. A clergyman’s objective is to preach and baptize, not to get paid for preaching and baptizing
  5. A doctors’ objective is to cure patients, not to get paid for curing them

So, the solution would be as such:

Earning money is a common attraction for everyone. However, it cannot be the objective of well-educated, intelligent, and honest professionals. A courageous soldier holds the honor of winning battles over getting paid for winning them. A righteous clergyman upholds their duty to preach and baptize over the donations they receive for doing so. An honest doctor values the health and care of his/her patients over the fees he/she receives for their services. Therefore, for all well-educated, intelligent, and honest professionals, their work comes first and money, second. 

All the Best! 

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