IBPS PO English Notes – Verbal Phrases with Examples (Part 1)

This blog is the first in the series of IBPS PO English notes blogs on Verbal Phrases. Through this blog series, we aim to provide you with a long list of Verbal phrases along with their meaning and examples. Verbal phrases are very important to solve questions types like error detection, cloze test, sentence completion, etc. These IBPS PO English notes would help you immensely in solving all these questions in the IBPS PO 2018 Exam.

IBPS PO English Notes – Verbal Phrases

Phrasal Verb Meaning Example
abide by To respect or obey a decision, a law or a rule For a Fair game of Cricket, every player must abide by the Umpire’s decisions.
add up To make sense, seem reasonable There is something about the points given in the book that just does not add up.
agree with To have the same opinion as someone else. The Entire Crowd agreed with the Leader’s demand for a Fair Pay Law.
apply for To make a formal request for something (job, permit, loan etc.) Ajay Applied for the post of Assistant Manager at NABARD
back down To withdraw, concede defeat It seemed like the Indian Team backed out of a contest in the first session itself.
black out To faint, lose consciousness The blow on his head was so hard that he blacked out on the spot.
boil down to To be summarized as All the Drama, Twists and Turns throughout the match has boiled down to a Penalty Shoot Out which will decide the Champion.
break away To separate from a crowd She broke away from the rat race of engineering and decided to be a writer.
break out of To escape 5 of the prisoners met and made a plan to break out of the Prison.
break up To come to an end (marriage, relationship) After seeing their love for 5 years, it was sad to see them breaking up.
brush up on To improve, refresh one’s knowledge of something Ram decided to brush up his technical skills before appearing for the Job interview
call back To return a phone call As she was busy with her work, she requested the Executive to call back in 15 minutes.
calm down To become more relaxed, less angry or upset To calm down in a Crisis is the first step towards resolving it.
check in To register at a hotel, airport or any other public place It is mandatory to check in at the Airport at least 3 hours before the flight.
clamp down on To act strictly to prevent something Officer Sharma led the fight to clamp down on Drug Abuse in his Locality.
count on To rely or depend on (for help) The Fans knew they could count on Pujara to win the match.
deal with To handle, take care of (problem, situation) One of a major part of the job is to deal with Erratic customers.
do without To manage without All her Childhood she had to do without fancy and expensive clothes.
draw up To write (contract, agreement, document) In the Meeting they agreed to draw up a contract to finalize the deal.
drop in To visit, usually on the way somewhere Amar decided to drop in at Alok’s place on his way to the Stadium.
ease off To reduce, become less severe or slow down (pain, traffic, work) Her headache eased off after she took the medicine.
end up To finally reach a state, place or action The path he has chosen is dangerous and for him, it will end up only in jail.
figure out To understand, find the answer The Meeting was called to figure out the best strategy for increasing sales.
find out To discover or obtain information Investigations were being done to find out who stole the Diamond.
get along (with) To be on good terms; work well with It would be much easier to work if you got along with your teammates.
get away To escape A Holiday to a beach would be the perfect get away from the Stress at work.
get in To enter She had worked really hard to get into this prestigious institute
get on To board (bus, train, plane) He decided to get on the first train to meet his ailing parents.
get on with (something) To continue to do; make progress After She left, It was difficult for the Team to get on with the Project.
get out of To avoid doing something He had the perfect excuse to get out of the Weekly meeting at work.
get over To recover from (illness, disappointment) The sooner you get over your failures, the more successful you would be.
get together To meet each other All the students of the 98′ Batch decided to get together over the weekend.
give up To stop doing something After failing to clear the IAS Exam in the 4th attempt as well, I decided to give up.
grow up To spend one’s childhood; develop; become an adult He fondly remembers the memories about growing up in this neighbourhood.
hand out To distribute They all gathered relief materials to be handed out to the flood victims.
hang up To end a phone conversation After failing to talk to an executive, I decided to hang up.
iron out To resolve by discussion, eliminate differences The Team lead took both of them into a meeting room to iron out their differences.
keep on To continue doing something The longer you keep on doing it, the better you would be at it.
kick off To begin, start The Stadium was full and everyone was seated well before the Kick off of the Match.
let down To disappoint Such a dismal performance of the Team was a big let down for the loyal fans.
look down on To consider as inferior The people who look down upon manual labour do not really understand its value.
look forward to To await or anticipate with pleasure The young striker was looking forward to the game as it was going to be his debut match.
look up to To admire The World Looks up to India’s Democratic System
make up To invent (excuse, story) He knew immediately that he would need to make up a good story to get out of the situation.
move in To arrive in a new home or office It was decided that we would move into our new office next month.
nod off To fall asleep After Such a long journey, it just took a few seconds for her to nod off on the chair itself.
pass away To die It was a shock for her to hear that her childhood friend had passed away in an accident.
pay back To reimburse He Told, “There is no hurry, you can pay back the loan anytime you wish”
point out To indicate/direct attention to something He was infamous for pointing out other’s mistakes.
put on To turn on, switch on, to wear She decided to put on the black dress for the party


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