IBPS PO English Study Notes – Verbal Phrases with Examples (Part 2)

This blog is the second part of the series of IBPS PO English Study notes blogs on Verbal Phrases. The purpose of this blog series is to provide you with a comprehensive list of Verbal phrases with examples. The information provided in these IBPS PO English Study notes would prove very helpful for you while solving the questions based on the topics like error detectioncloze test, sentence completion, etc. during your IBPS PO 2018 Exam.

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IBPS PO English Study Notes – Verbal Phrases

Phrasal Verb Meaning Example
account for To explain, give a reason The Official responsible was asked to account for the missing funds.
advise against To recommend not doing something I would advise against visiting Shimla at this time of the year.
allow for To take into consideration We need to allow for the weather conditions before planning the Trip.
back away To move backwards, in fear or dislike Sometimes it is wise to just back away from the fight.
bank on To base your hopes on something/someone All the fans were banking on the Captain to take them to a win.
block off To separate using a barrier. The western part of the locality was blocked off by the authorities because of the riots
boot up To start a computer by loading an operating system or program After the update, there was a message on the screen requesting me to boot up my system.
break into To enter by force On noticing that the owners are away, The gang decided to break into the house and steal the jewellery.
break out To start suddenly Because of the Break out of Ebola in the city, entry and exit of the people was banned for a week.
bring up To raise (a child) She was bringing up her child without anyone’s support.
bump into To meet by chance or unexpectedly He unexpectedly bumped into her at the game.
call off To cancel The flight was called off because of the extreme rains.
carry on To continue In spite of the failure, She decided to carry on and achieve her dream.
clam up To refuse to speak Because of the bullying at school, Ajju clammed up in front of his parents.
come forward To present oneself The Teacher said, “If the culprit comes forward now, the punishment would be lenient.”
cut down on To reduce in number or size Because of the limited budget, the committee decided to cut down on the expenses for the project.
die down To calm down, become less strong After his anger had died down, he went and apologised to her.
drag on To last longer than expected The movie was dragged on for too long, making it a boring watch.
dress up wear elegant clothes He decided to dress up for the office party.
drop out To leave school without finishing Mark Zuckerberg had dropped out of college to start Facebook.
end in To finish in a certain way; result in After all the drama it was sad to see the match end in a draw.
fall through To fail; doesn’t happen Their plan to meet fell through because of the bandh called by the opposition party.
fill out To complete (a form/an application) The candidates were given 10 days to fill out the online application form.
focus on To concentrate on something He succeeded because he was focused on his target.
get at To imply He wasn’t sure what she was getting at through her arguments.
get by To manage to cope or to survive It was difficult to get by at the workplace without friends.
get into (+noun) To enter He always used to jump over the fence to get into the hostel after the gates were closed.
get on (well) with (somebody) To have a good relationship with One of the reasons of his loneliness is that he does hot get on well with anyone.
get out To leave After the argument he decided to get out for a while.
get over To recover from (illness, disappointment) The trip helped her a lot in getting over the loss of her pet.
get rid of To eliminate The government decided to get rid of the additional taxes to bring the fuel prices under control.
get up To rise, leave bed The ability to get up after taking a hard blow makes a Champion.
go through To experience During that phase of his life, he had to go through a lot of pain and sadness.
hand in To submit (report, homework) The Teacher announced that the 10th of the month was the last date for the students to hand in their assignments.
hang out To spend time in a particular place or with a group of friends Pappu’s Chai tapri was the most popular hang out place for all the college students.
hurry up To be quick, act speedily She called and asked him to hurry up, as he was already an hour late.
join in To participate It was an open forum and anyone could join in and put forth their point.
keep up with To stay at the same level as someone or something He was finding it hard to keep with the professor’s teaching speed.
leave out To omit, not mention He was left out of the team because of his bad behaviour.
look after To take care of As there was no one look after his ill pet, he decided to take a half day.
look for To try to find something Jack and Jill decided to go on the trip to look for the hidden treasure.
look on To be a spectator at an event Instead of helping the accident victim, everyone just looked on.
make fun of To laugh at/ make jokes about His unusual dress made him a perfect candidate to be made fun of at the office.
mix up To mistake one thing or person for another Because of a Mix up, she got the wrong file to the meeting.
move out To leave your home/office for another one. Arun asked Vijay to move out of the room as he did not like his unhygienic lifestyle.
own up To admit or confess something It is good to see him owning up his mistakes.
pass out To faint On the fourth day of the hunger strike, He passed out on the stage itself.
pick up To collect somebody Sara asked Dimple to pick her up from college.
put off To postpone, arrange a later date As the boss was on leave, the meeting had to be put off till tomorrow.
put out To extinguish As they were unable to put out the fire themselves, Firefighters were called.


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