IBPS SO (IT Officer) – Time Allocation Strategy

Less than week remains for IBPS SO (IT Officer) exam. It is that time of your preparation where you should be fine tuning your exam taking strategy, improving speed and working on weak areas. Many of you have asked what the ideal time allocation should be while attempting this exam. Instead of telling you what we think, we checked the toppers’ (top 5%) time allocation and this is broadly what many of them used as their approximate time allocation during exam (NOTE: What works for some may not work for others. Use this only as a guideline & not as a target):-

1) Reasoning: 41 minutes
2) Quant: 48 minutes
3) English: 14 minutes
4) Professional Knowledge: 17 minutes

Unlike other Bank exams, IBPS SO places a higher weight on Professional Knowledge sections with 1.5 marks but it should not force you to spend more time on it as they can easily be answered without any time spent for calculation. Most toppers are attempting it as they would attempt the GK section of any other exam without getting carried away by total marks for the section. Even though English section’s has lower weight, ensure you spend time to clear the cut-offs. Hence make sure you spend 10-15 minutes at least to ensure you cross the minimum cut-offs.

Based on your strengths & weaknesses, change this to suit your strategy. Use this only as a guideline if you are unsure of your allocation. If you have a better time strategy that is working for you, continue using the same and you need not deviate. Only practice will help you develop a strategy that works for you.

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