IIFT 2016: Last Minute Exam Tips

The IIFT 2016 exam is just 5 days away and it is quite obvious that you are feeling a mix of emotions. Hundreds of questions and thoughts like:

“What if the paper is too difficult?”

“What if I something goes wrong?”

“I hope I am able to clear Quant and DI cutoffs..”

And the list goes on…

You need to relax. In this post, we bring to you some exam tips that will help you maximise your performance on ‘D’- day. So keep calm and read on!

Important things to remember about  IIFT exam:-

  • Sectional cutoffs exist.
  • IIFT is delivered in pen-paper format.
  • Time limit is 2 hours.
  • Differential marking.
  • DI and Quant sections are calculation intensive.

It was important to highlight the above points as most aspirants prepare for IIFT alongside CAT and tend to push these important points to the backside despite the fact that these points are indispensable when it comes to devising a winning exam attempt strategy.

Keeping the above points in mind, the following are the tips that will help you in maximising your score.

1. While the sectional cutoffs for the GK section are usually low, this section can help you maximise the overall scores. Thus, in these last few days, a quick revision of GK may prove beneficial.

2. As compared to CAT, in IIFT, one needs to be faster. Choose questions based on your strengths.

3. Also, the DI section is known to be calculation intensive. One should remember that not all the questions of a set are to be solved. Pick the easy ones, try the elimination method and solve them as fast as you can.

4. The RC passages in the IIFT exam are known to be lengthy. Hence, glance through the questions and skim through the passages and choose wiselyAlthough passages are lengthy, the questions are quite direct.

5. Start the paper with the section you are most comfortable with. It is a good idea to attempt the paper in 3 waves i.e. : Doable (very easy) , Doable but time consuming (easy) and Skip (difficult). This will depend upon your strengths and weaknesses.

6. Time is of utmost importance in IIFT. As per the last year’s paper, proper time allocation would be similar to:

Quantitative Ability : ~30 minutes

Data Interpretation: ~25 minutes

Logical Reasoning: ~22 minutes

Reading Comprehension: ~23 minutes

Verbal Ability: ~10 minutes

General Awareness: ~ 10 minutes

However, this can be tweaked according to personal preferences. Just keep in mind that sectional cutoffs should be cleared and some sections have higher marks than others (differential marking).

7. And last but not the least, stay calm, do not indulge in blind guesswork and do not panic if the paper is too tough ( you have prepared well and if it’s tough for you, it’s tough for others as well).

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All The Best! 

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