Last Minute Tips for CAT 2018 – CAT Preparation Tips, MBA

CAT 2018 is scheduled to be held on 25th November 2018. With less than a week for the exam, here are few last minute tips for CAT 2018 for you. Let’s glance through the exam pattern first.


No. of Non- MCQ Questions

No. of MCQ Questions

Total Questions in each Section

Total Time Allotted

Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension    (VARC) 10 24 34 60
Quantitative Ability (QA) 7 27 34 60
Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (DILR) 8 24 32 60
Total 25 75 100


The exam has the following features:

  • Sectional time limits (each section 60 minutes )
  • Total exam duration: 180 minutes
  • Question types: Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) & Type in The Answer Type (TITA)
  • Penalty: MCQ – 33%, TITA – 0%, Un-attempted – 0%
  • No provision of switching between sections
  • Online calculator will be available

Last Minute Tips for CAT 2018

Mock Test Analysis

By now, you might have attempted many mock tests. It is always advised to do analysis of mock attempt to identify strong and weak areas. Make a repository of questions which you have failed to attempt correctly. Also, the time you took to solve the tests. This will help you identify your speed as well as strong and weak areas. Attempt more questions from the weak areas so that you get an edge over the topic in the actual exam. If there is any topic that is consuming more time, try to use some alternative method to solve the problem to improve your speed.

Revision Strategy

Revise all the basics. It is very important to have clear understanding of the basics. Revise all the quant formulas and make sure you remember all of them. Go through the notes of formulas and rules that you have been maintaining during preparation.

Exam Strategy

Have you decided on your exam strategy? By now with ample amount of practice you should be able to devise a strategy that will work in the exam. Topics that you will attempt first and are more confident at and so on. Do ensure that your strategy is flexible enough to go through some changes if needed during the exam day.

Time Management

The last few days should be completely dedicated to revision and improvement of speed and accuracy. Many a times, though you know the answer you cannot attempt it due to lack of time. It is very important that you take time bound mock tests. This will improve your speed and give you a feel of the exam. Also, do not spend more time on one question. Attempt the easy and scoring ones first and then move to the rest.

Focus on Accuracy

It is important to answer CAT questions fast but another factor that is equally important is to answer accurately. As there are negative marking for incorrect answers, you cannot afford to answer incorrectly.

Toppers’ Tips for CAT  Preparation 2018

Finally, practice as many tests you can. As quoted by Ganesh Nagarsekar (cleared CAT with 99.89 percentile), “I was fairly confident about Verbal, but QA and DILR were areas in which I had to put in a lot of effort. There were times when my performance in these areas was extremely disappointing (especially DILR where my percentiles were all over the place), but with gradual practice things began to improve and stabilize.” He further adds, “I found the sectional tests offered by Oliveboard extremely comprehensive in their coverage of the topic, and a great way to strengthen your hold of the topic while also increasing speed. The tests also come in three levels of increasing difficulty which help you understand where you stand in terms of a particular subject area.”

Hope this helps. All the best for the exam!

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