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Last Minute Tips for RBI Grade B Phase II

Last Minute Tips for RBI Grade B

RBI Grade B Phase I results have been declared and now we are left with hardly ten days to face Phase II. All sorts of mixed emotions might be going inside you, like “What if the paper is too difficult?”, “What if I don’t clear it?”or “How am I going to clear it?”, etc. Well that’s normal to get a bit nervous before, during, or even after exam. We all get these thoughts in similar situations but don’t let these emotions overpower you. Too much anxiety will hamper your performance. Oliveboard brings to you some Last Minute Tips for RBI Grade B Phase II to help you maximize your performance on the ‘D’- day. So, let us get started!

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Last Minute Tips for RBI Grade B Phase II

Focus on Revision & Practice

It is obvious that you all would have completed the entire syllabus by now as there is hardly any time left for the exam. Do not start any new topic now. Any new thing that you would try learning now may not properly be retained. Focus more on revising and practicing to get command over it.

Keep Notes Handy

Keep Revision notes of each subject handy at one place to find them easily. The smart way to do is to save them in your smartphone as ebooks or PDFs to revise them even on the go.

Time Management

Time is a crucial factor and it is easy to lose track while writing an exam. This is where your practice will show results. Manage it properly. Try to write answers while keeping track of the time esp. in English.

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Sectional Tips 

English: As you all know you’ll have to type the answers with the help of the keyboard. Practice writing essays, precis, etc on computer so that you may become accustomed to it. Another important thing which you should keep in mind is the Word-Limit. Follow the instructions provided. For eg. If  the word-limit mentioned is 200, then ±5 words would be fine but try not to exceed it.

Read newspaper daily to get deep understanding about various issues. Divide your essay into Introduction/ Body/ Conclusion. Always conclude your essay with some suggestions and way ahead.

Finance & Management (F&M): This paper is considered to be the toughest by most of the candidates because of its technical nature. So, in these 10 days try to focus more on it. Revise it thoroughly. Learn all the formulas so that you may not forget them while solving numerical. Take help of 50 F&M Formula Ebook to quickly go through them. Practice numerical daily. Attempt Mock test to check your preparation.

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Economic & Social issue (ESI): Have clarity of the conceptual part and for factual part, be thorough with all the Union and  budget reports, socio-economic and caste census, Annual report, etc. Pay enough attention to the minute details and facts as the questions asked are sometimes very factual in nature. 

Supplemented these with Oliveboard material.

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Avoid things that distract you

Utilize these ten days focusing on the single goal of clearing the exam. Rest all things could be handled later on. Avoid all sorts of distraction and negative thinking. Reduce Social media usage to focus on your studies.

Take Short, Frequent Breaks

Studies have shown that taking short, frequent breaks while studying helps to retain things more. We suggest taking 5 min. break after every 20 or 30 min. to give some rest to your brain as well so that you may start again more energetically.

Eat healthy & Take Proper Sleep

Unbalanced diet and lack of sleep trigger nervousness before exam. Avoid eating junk, sugary and oily food. Don’t stay up late at night before the day of exam.


Have faith in yourself that you have given your 100% and nothing is too difficult to achieve. Some light exercise or meditation would surely help you relax. Do not panic if the paper is too tough ( you have prepared well and if it’s tough for you, it’s tough for others as well).

Exam Checklist

Keep your Call letter, recent passport size photograph, Photo identity proof (Original + Photocopy), Ball Point Pen (all things that are mentioned in your call letter to carry on the day of exam) in your bag before the day of exam so that you may not forget any of these in hurry. It is better to reach the Examination Centre in advance than getting late. So, leave early to avoid getting stuck in the traffic.

That’s all from us. Hope these Last Minute Tips for RBI Grade B Phase II help you in your preparation.

All the best for Exam!

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