MH-CET 2018 : Previous Year’s Score v/s Percentile & Exam Analysis

The exam date for MH-CET 2018 is closing in and here we bring to you a score v/s percentile analysis of previous year’s MH-CET results and also an analysis of the previous year’s MH-CET exam.

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This will help you get an approximate idea of what to expect from the exam and will also help you estimate the percentile you can expect at a certain score.

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MH-CET Score v/s Percentile Analysis

MH-CET Score vs Percentile

MH-CET Previous Year’s Exam Analysis

Following some important points regarding the MH-CET examination.

  • no negative marking
  • no sectional time limits
  • total marks are 200
  • total time is 150 minutes
  • MCQ type (5 options)
  • questions from various sections are mixed

As per our analysis of previous years’ papers, the following are some important points about each section in the exam.

MH-CET Section-wise Analysis

Quantitative Techniques & DI 

  • Arithmetic and Modern Maths form a significant portion of QA.
  • Data sufficiency/ quantitative comparison questions are less in number.

Logical Reasoning

  • Important Topics : Series, Input & Output, Directions, Linear and Circular Arrangements, Symbol based Series Completion, Directions, Conditional Coding, Selection Criteria, Venn Diagrams, Deductions, Coding-Decoding

Abstract Reasoning

  • Some frequent question types are from topics such as : visual reasoning (diagram and figure based questions)
  • Embedded figures, find the next in the pattern are the most common. 

Verbal Ability

  • RC questions are mostly easy and fact-based.
  • Some vocabulary based questions were in the form: (a) Identify the word that cannot be created from a given word; (b) Identify the word that can be attached to a given word to form a new meaningful word.

Hope this helps.

All the best for your MH-CET 2018 exam!

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