NABARD 2018 Last 10-Days Prep Plan

With the NABARD Grade A 2018 examinations only 10 days away, it is now the final hour to wrap up your preparation and maximize your time devoted to revision and practice of the sections. Since we know that the last few days before the examinations can be especially stressful for the students, we at Oliveboard have brought you the NABARD 2018 Last 10-Days Prep Plan to prepare yourself to face the examination confidently.

NABARD 2018 Last 10-Days Prep Plan – Things to Do

In the last 10 days of your examination preparation, make sure you –

  • Stick to a regular/routine lifestyle with at least 6-8 hours of sound sleep every night
  • Eat healthy; do not indulge in excessively sweet or spicy foods that can disturb your digestive system. Stick to light foods and avoid foods that are either too spicy, too oily, or heavily caffeinated (such as energy drinks, because they may cause addiction and are harmful for your body in the long-run)
  • Practice, practice, and practice. When we say ‘practice’, it refers to the timed practice of solving mock question papers for each section and the whole of the NABARD 2018 examination. Do NOT forget to time your responses accordingly to attempt a sufficient number of questions.
  • Do NOT panic if solving a question during a mock paper takes far too much time, just omit it and move on to the next question. In this case, either of the 2 cases may happen – you have time to come back to it and answer it correctly OR you cannot attempt the question at all, but either outcome is better than guessing the answer and receiving a penalty to your marks.
  • Go out for walks, play some light sports, but keep yourself active. Physical exercise of any form stimulates blood flow and circulation in your body which helps keep your stress levels in check.


NABARD 2018 Last 10-Days Prep Plan – Things to NOT Do

To ensure that you are 100% prepared and ready for your examination day, make sure you do NOT –

  • Compare your preparation with another aspirant. Comparison will only stress you further, because you may find that you are not 100% thorough with a concept while your friend is. As such, you may rush to try and cover it fast, which can be quite harmful for your preparation.
  • Socialize too much. You should be spending your last few days practicing mock papers and taking as many tests as you can to increase your confidence. Hanging out with friends is one of the biggest distractions you can suffer, and it will surely affect your preparation, because you will not have time to revise and practice as much.
  • Attempt to learn a new chapter or concept. It is not the correct time to introduce new concepts to your learning; within only 10 days remaining, you should only focus on strengthening what you have learnt already. To learn a concept that is entirely new will take much more time and cause you severe anxiety to the point that you start forgetting what you have already learnt. In fact, trying to cover a new concept just 10 days before the examination is one of the worst things you can do to your preparation.

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