NABARD Development Assistant Mains 2018 : Last Minute Tips

NABARD one of the most reputed Public-Sector bank, is going to conduct NABARD Development Assistant Mains Exam on 21st October 2018. We are sure you have followed the NABARD Development Assistant Mains Study Plan we have shared with you earlier. With just 5 days from the day of the exam, we bring to you few NABARD Development Assistant Mains last minute tips. Let’s glance through the exam pattern first.  

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NABARD Development Assistant Mains – Last Minute Tips

Test of Reasoning

Practice as many tests you can from logical and analytical reasoning, blood relations, syllogisms, circular seating arrangement, linear seating arrangement, coding decoding, inequalities etc. This section can be time-consuming and lengthy, therefore, make sure you pick and attempt wisely.

Quantitative Aptitude

This section will test your speed and accuracy both. Practice questions from data interpretation, simplification/approximation, percentage, average, simple interest, compound interest, profit and loss as many as you can in these last few days. Try to focus on improving your speed. For this, you have to get three things on your tips:

  • Multiplication tables up to 25
  • List of squares and cubes from 1 to 30
  • Common percentages and their fractional & decimal equivalents

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General Awareness

This is one section which helps the most in clearing the overall cut off. As the questions are factual, you either know the answers or you don’t know them. So, you can complete this section as quickly as possible. If you have prepared well, this section will also be your highest scoring section in NABARD Assistant Mains Examination. For Current Affairs, thoroughly read Six months of current affairs, esp., of  JuneJuly, August, and September Monthly Current Affairs. Revise news from Economy, Budget, Politics, Agriculture, Science and Technology and more. Read Books and Authors, Countries and Capitals etc. Read various National and International Appointments done in this year. Download its free E-book. Go through your GK notes and make the most of it in these last few days.

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Computer Knowledge

Go through all basic terms and revise your previous notes for the computer section. Download this Free eBook on Computer Knowledge and make the most of it.

Please keep in mind that, General Awareness along with Computer Knowledge are the sections where you can score the most in less time. So, attempt them accordingly.

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Test of English Language (Descriptive)

The Paper may include Questions as follows. You will have to type answers with the help of the key-board of the computer.

Descriptive Paper Choices No. of Questions to be attempted Maximum Marks Time
Essay writing 5 1 20 Composite Time of 30 minutes for all the questions together
Letter writing 2 1 15
Precis writing 1 1 15

: The English Descriptive test will start automatically upon auto-submission of objective tests. You will not be able to shuffle between objective/descriptive Papers.

NABARD Assistant

Topic-wise preparation tips for NABARD Development Assistant Mains – English Descriptive Paper


Essay is a short piece of writing on a given topic. Essays broadly comprise of; Introduction, Body and Conclusion. Essays should be error-free and should be properly structured and have a flow of ideas.

Introduction of Essay

Start by introducing your topic. Write briefly about the background of the topic, why it is relevant and mention your opinion about the topic, which you can later explain elaborately in the body of the essay.

Body of Essay

The body of your essay needs to be comprised of paragraphs presenting your views on the topic in detail. However, you must restrict the body to 2 to 3 paragraphs. (it’s important that you don’t get carried away while writing the body; always stay within the word limit).

In the body, include examples to support your views; include statistical data and percentages and facts. Also, body is where you put forth your strongest argument first, followed by second strongest, and so on. Each of your paragraph can contain one of your main ideas, followed by sentences supporting the ideas.

Conclusion of Essay

Conclusion is a summary of your essay. Use the conclusion part to summarize and restate your main argument with the strongest evidences supporting it. Do not introduce a new idea in the conclusion and refrain from using the same words that you used in the body.

Take a few minutes to plan your essay and think about what you’re going to type instead of starting immediately. For instance, if you have 15 minutes allotted for the essay, spend the first 5 minutes planning your essay, 8 minutes writing it and use the remaining 2 minutes to revise/edit your essay.

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There are various kinds of letters: News, complaints, sales, adjustments, inquiries and covers.

Following are a few essential components that letters should contain:

  • Address of the writer
  • Date
  • Address of the recipient
  • Salutation
  • Body of the letter
  • Complimentary conclusion
  • Signed and typed name

However, there are some components that are optional depending on the type of letter you’re drafting:

  • Subject line
  • Enclosure/new page notations
  • Initials of the writer
  • Copy notation

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Precis (pronounced as Perisi) is a short & concise summary of a given passage. Precis contains all the important topics, mood and tone of author and the main idea of the original passage.

It’s important that you stick to the word limit in precis. We suggest you go through sample precis and practice typing them out.

Following are steps to write a precis (in brief):

Step 1: Read the given passage and note down or highlight the most important points and keywords in the same order as presented in the original passage.

Step 2: Also note down the main idea or gist of the original passage and make note of the tone used by the author.

Step 3: Re-read the original passage and compare it with the notes you took down and cross-check if you missed any crucial information.

Step 4: Provide an appropriate topic to your precis.

Step 5: Finally, draft your precis based on the notes you took down.

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NABARD Development Assistant Mains Exam 2018 Last Minute Tips (Generic)

  • Don’t learn anything new now
  • Go through your study notes and take Revision Tests
  • Eat & sleep well
  • Stay confident

NABARD Development Assistant Mains 2018: Exam-Day Checklist

  • Call letter with recent passport size photograph affixed thereon
  • Photo identity proof (Original + Photocopy)
  • One ball point pen
  • Reach the centre in advance

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All the Best!

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