Non-MCQ & Direct Questions on CAT

The IIMs sprung a surprise this time mentioning that, for the first time in CAT’s history, there will be questions without multiple choice options. While there have been speculations all around on how these type of questions will work, it is important to understand that no subjective answers (like in traditional school exams) will be demanded. Only a text box wherein you need to key in your answer (typically a number) will be provided. So no long answers are not what this will be all about. Screenshot of Keypad provided below. Click here to register for CAT Mock Test in the new pattern with Keypad and Calculator.


TCS will be conducting the test on behalf of the IIMs this time and they conduct similar exams for GATE wherein this type of answer inputs are needed. Hence, it is very likely that the CAT will also follow the same type of input. Moreover, it will not be a keyboard entry. There will be a virtual keypad as shown below that students will need to use to type out their answer. The keypad will appear below the question and the student needs to enter a numerical value. The Keypad only contains numbers from 1-9 and will not have options to type in letters, characters and special characters. Although keyboard entry may or may not be possible, students will largely use the keypad to enter the answer.