Oliveboard PODCASTS – A Simpler Way to Learn

Oliveboard has always been at the forefront of providing Bank and Government Exam Aspirants with the best quality content for their exam preparation through our Mock Tests, Online Live Classes and Video Lessons. To add to these resources provided by Oliveboard, We have recently started Oliveboard PODCASTS.

Oliveboard PODCASTS are a fun and simple way of learning.  In it, we take up an exam relevant topic and explain it to you. The Language of the Podcasts is very simple and easy going. The simplicity is important to help you remember the information provided for a long time.

Oliveboard PODCASTS – Features

To help understand Oliveboard Podcasts, we have listed down the features below -:

Wide Range of Exam Specific Topics

First and foremost, the topics covered in Oliveboard PODCASTS until now range from Gender Equality to Digi-Yatra. This shows how diverse are the topics.  Most importantly, all the topics covered are relevant and important for Bank and Government Exams preparation. Social Issues, Environment, Important SC Judgements, Major Government schemes and initiatives, etc are some of the areas from which topics are covered. 


In the PODCASTS, the topics are covered in a very comprehensive manner. All the sides of an issue are explained in depth. Once you have heard the Oliveboard Podcasts on any topic, you know all the facets of it and not just one particular side of the argument on that issue.

Any-Time, Any-where – On the GO

The BEST and most important feature of Podcasts is its 24×7 availability. You can hear it on the GO, any time, anywhere. This means now you can prepare for exams anytime, like while you are travelling or working out, etc.

Easy to Remember

The Language used in the Oliveboard Podcasts is as simple as you can get. This simplicity makes it very easy for Aspirants like you to remember the points mentioned for a longer period of time. 

Exam Tips

The Oliveboard PODCASTS along with the exam relevant topics also gives Exam tips – Preparation tips, Last minute tips, etc for important Bank and Government exams which you all prepare for. These Tips are practical and to the point. The tips give that extra edge to your preparation which could prove to be the difference between Success and Failure.

It is 100% FREE

Last but not the Least, the Oliveboard PODCASTS are 100% Free. yes, you read it right.  They are FREE. You just need to follow the below mentioned steps and start listening.

Oliveboard PODCASTS – How to Listen

You can Listen to Oliveboard PODCASTS by following these simple steps

  1. Download the Oliveboard App
  2. Register/Log in to your Oliveboard Account
  3. Click on the Oliveboard PODCASTS link on the homepage
  4. Select the topic you want to listen to and start listening.

It is as simple as that. So What are waiting for? Download the Oliveboard App now.

That is all from us in this blog on Oliveboard PODCASTS. We hope you like reading all the information provided above and would come and listen to our podcasts as soon as possible. Post your suggestions on topics which would like to be covered on PODCASTS in comments below. 

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