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Preparation Strategy for Indian Bank PO Mains 2018

Preparation Strategy for Indian Bank PO Mains 2018

Indian Bank PO Prelims just got over last weekend. You might have already gone through our Indian Bank PO Prelims exam analysis. The Indian Bank PO Mains exam is scheduled to held on 4th of Nov 2018. You have less than a month to prepare for Mains. Today, we bring to you preparation strategy for Indian Bank PO Mains exam. Let’s glance through the exam pattern first.

Indian Bank PO Mains Exam Pattern

Name of Test No. of Questions Maximum Marks Duration 
Reasoning and Computer Aptitude 45 60 60 Mins
General / Economy/ Banking Awareness 40 40 35 Mins
English Language 35 40 40 Mins
Data Analysis and Interpretation 35 60 45 Mins
Total 155 200 3 Hours
English Language (Letter Writing & Essay) 2 25 30 Minutes

General / Economy / Banking Awareness was not a section in the Prelims exam unlike other sections. Therefore, you might need to spend some extra focus on preparing GA. If you have been preparing for GA from before, you won’t feel much pressure now. Brush up all important monthly current affairs from last three months specifically. Also, go through the below topics and practice enough number of GK tests.

  • International Economy
  • Countries and currencies
  • RBI Functions, Fiscal-Monetary Policies
  • Awards & Honors Sports
  • Indian Constitution Questions
  • UNO
  • Finance
  • Questions on Indian Economy
  • History of Banking
  • Books & Their Authors
  • Agriculture
  • Banking Terms

Computer Aptitude is another new section that you will face in Indian Bank PO Mains exam. It is clubbed along with Reasoning section. Don’t get confused with Computer Awareness as this section is different. Computer Aptitude is the application of the computer knowledge in solving logical problems. Binary number system and computer programme flow charts are an important part of the syllabus of computer aptitude.

Sample Computer Aptitude Question Type

Q1. Convert the given Decimal number into Binary form – 175

(a) 100011112

(b) 111110102

(c) 111010112

(d) 101011112

(e) None of these 

Answer – Option D: 101011112


Divide the number by Short division with 2 then note down the remainder one by one. Then write it down from LSB (Least significant bit) to MSB (Most significant bit)

175/2 = Remainder 1
87/2 = Remainder 1
43/2 = Remainder 1
21/2 = Remainder 1
10/2 = Remainder 0
5/2 = Remainder 1
2/2 = Remainder 0
1/2= Remainder 1
17510 = 101011112

(Source – Affairs Cloud)

For English, Reasoning and Data Analysis & Interpretation, as you are already thorough with the concepts, concentrate more on practice. Also, during your prelims preparation and exam, you might have identified your weak areas in these sections. Focus more on those sections. Apart from that, take sectional test for each and improve your strength.

Follow a systematic & integrated approach. First take a free mock test and analyze your weak topics which you need to work on. Focus on those areas. Revision is an important aspect of preparation. So, keep revising whatever you learn. Take full-length mock tests after your preparation to measure your progress. Mock tests provide you instant feedback in the form of analytics, which will help you determine your speed & accuracy in solving questions and identify your strong and weak areas.

Descriptive Paper (Letter Writing & Essay Writing)

Both Letter Writing & Essay Writing will test your hold over grammar and spelling. You need to practice enough to score high in this section. Your newspaper reading effort will do help you in this section too. Learn rules and watch concept videos on Letter Writing & Essay Writing.

Take  Oliveboard’s descriptive tests to ace this section.

  • You can take a Descriptive Test comprising an Essay & Letter. Just like in the actual exam. 
  • Once you submit it, these tests will be rated/scored by Oliveboard experts (we try to evaluate all but in rare cases, a few may be missed) & other Oliveboard users.
  • Submissions are rated on Relevance to Topic, Spelling & Grammar, Length of Essay, Structure. You can then use the scores provided by users to improve on your next writing assignment.  

Hope this was useful. Practice Indian Bank PO Mock Tests and have enough time for revision. Interact with fellow aspirants in our discussion forum. 

All the best!

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