Preparing for MBA Exams? Here’s How to Stay Stress-free and Focused

If you are planning to attempt MBA exams like CAT, NMAT or SNAP this year, you have good enough reasons to start your preparation as early as today. While few might have already kick started your preparation journey, many of you might be just postponing your preparation journey to the next week. This post will help you deal with stress while preparing for MBA exams and the first tip would be to start your preparation journey early.

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Start Preparing Early

One of the major reasons behind MBA exam stress is lack of preparation time. You need good enough time to master each section of MBA Exam Syllabus (Quant, Data Interpretation, Reasoning, English). Besides, you would need revision time to cover the entire syllabus before the exam. This would be possible only if you start preparing early. The ideal time is to start before 12 months, however, you can manage with optimum preparation time of 6-9 months. Ensure you finish your syllabus at least one month before the exam so that you can dedicate the last month in revision and taking as many mock tests you can.

Stay Motivated

Though it sounds preachy, it is very important for you to stay motivated. The reasons may be many. Most of the popular MBA exams are towards the end of this year. This might make you feel less motivated towards preparation. You think your friends and colleagues are way better than you. You feel you are already late for MBA etc. MBA exams are no rocket science; all you need is dedication and the right study plan to achieve your goal. Talk to experts, participate in MBA groups and take multiple mock tests. All these will build your confidence and keep you motivated.

Follow Study Plan

It is very important to follow a study plan while you are preparing for MBA exams. Make a study plan with sufficient amount of practice sessions. You can start follow this order – Start with basics and get clear understanding of the concept, take topic test, analyse attempt and fix your weak areas. Maintain this with all the sections and create a realistic study plan and schedule that you can follow religiously on a day to day basis.

Break the Monotony

Who likes monotonous study? Studying alone and with books is not just monotonous but it can build up pressure and stress also. It is important to break this monotony to get rid of the stress. For a change, check YouTube videos for preparation, participate in group studies, talk to your peers etc. These will break the monotony and yet help you prepare for the exam.

Go Mobile

It is not always necessary to study with books or with your laptop. With the world going mobile, you can do your preparation through mobile also. The perks of using mobile for exam preparation is you can study and practice on the go. You don’t need to stress over the fact that you spend hours on traffic every day, you can utilize the time for study or always stay in touch with your exam preparation while travelling etc.

Here are few ways to stay stress-free and focused during your MBA exam preparation.

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