Railway RRB – General Awareness notes : Joint Military Exercises – Since 2017

In this blog about Railway RRB – General Awareness notes, we would be covering all the major Joint Military Exercises since 2017 in which Indian Forces have participated. This Railway RRB – General Awareness notes would prove very important for your preparation of General Awareness and Current Affairs section of Railway RRB Exams – RRB Group D Exam and RRB ALP Exam.

Railway RRB – General Awareness notes: Joint Military Exercises

Khanjar IV Participating Country: Kyrgyzstan
Unit: Indian Special Forces
Date: 20 February-5 March, 2017
Location: Kok Jhangak, Kyrgyzstan
Surya Kiran XI Participating Country: Nepal
Unit: Ekta Shakti Battalion (Punjab Regiment)/ 28 Punjab; Durga Baksh Battalion
Date: 7-20 March, 2017
Location: Pithoragarh, India
Al Nagah-Ii II Participating Country: Oman
Date: 7-10 March, 2017
Location: Bakloh, India
Bold Kurukshetra Participating Country: Singapore
Unit: 31st Indian Armoured Division; 3rdSingapore Division
Date: 4-21 March, 2017
Location: Madhya Pradesh, India
Nomadic Elephant XII Participating Country: Mongolia
Unit: 15 Jammu & Kashmir Light Infantry; 084 Special Forces Task Battalion
Date: 5-21 April, 2017
Location: Vairengte, India
Thar Shakti Unit: X Corps
Date: 17 April-17 May, 2017
Location: Rajasthan, India
Maitree Participating Country: Thailand
Unit: Northern Command
Date: 3-17 July, 2017
Location: Bakloh, Himachal Pradesh
Surya Kiran XII Participating Country: Nepal
Date: 3-16 September, 2017
Location: Salijhandi, Nepal
Yudh Abhyas XIII Participating Country: United States of America
Unit: 2/11 Gorkha Rifles; 5th Battalion, 20th Infantry Regiment, 1-2 Stryker Brigade Combat Team
Date: 14-27 September, 2017
Location: Joint Base Lewis-McCord, Washington, USA
Mitra Shakti Participating Country: Sri Lanka
Unit: 1 Mahar Regiment; Sinha Regiment
Date: 13-25 October, 2017
Location: Pune, India
Indra IX Participating Country: Russia
Unit: 5th Red Banner Army
Date: 19-29 October, 2017
Location: 249th Combined Army Range Sergeevisky, Russia
Prabal Dostyk II Participating Country: Kazakhstan
Unit: 3/11 Gorkha Rifles
Date: 2-15 November, 2017
Location: Bakloh, India
Sampriti VII Participating Country: Bangladesh
Unit: Red Horns Division
Date: 6-11 November, 2017
Location: Shillong, India
Danx Unit: 50 Parachute Brigade
Date:  20-24 November, 2017
Location: Andaman & Nicobar Islands, India
Imbax I Participating Country: Myanmar
Unit: Red Horns Division
Date: 20-25 November, 2017
Location: Shillong, India
Ajeya Warrior VII Participating Country: United Kingdom
Unit: 20 Rajputana Rifles; 1 Royal Anglican Regiment
Date: 1-14 December, 2017
Location: Mahajan Firing Range, India
Ekuverin VIII Participating Country: Maldives
Unit: 8 Gorkha Rifles
Date: 14-27 December, 2017
Location: Belgaum, India
Hamesha Vijayee Unit: Southern Command
Date: 16-22 December, 2017
Location: Rajasthan, India
Vinbax I Participating Country: Vietnam
Date: 30 January-3 February, 2018
Location: Jabalpur, India
Vajra Prahar Participating Country: United States of America
Unit: Special Forces, Southern Command
Date: January, 2018
Location: Joint Base Lewis-McCord, United States
Shakti IV Participating Country: France
Unit: 2/8 Gorkha Rifles; 2nd Marine Infantry Regiment
Date: 31 January-5 February  
Location: Mailly-le-Camp, France
Lamitye VIII Participating Country: Seychelles
Unit: Southern Command
Date: 24 February-4 March, 2018
Location:  Mahe, Seychelles
Khanjar V Participating Country: Kyrgyzstan
Unit: Indian Special Forces
Date: 16-29 March, 2018
Location: Vairangte, India
Harimau Shakti Participating Country: Malaysia
Unit: 4/Grenadiers;1/Royal Ranger Regiment; Royal Malay Regiment
Date: 30 April-13 May, 2018
Location: Hulu Langat, Malaysia
Vijay Prahar Unit: Southern Command
Date: April 2018
Surya Kiran XIII Participating Country: Nepal
Date: 30 May-12 June, 2018
Location: Pithoragarh, India


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