Railway RRB NTPC Exam – General Science: Important Discoveries in Biology

Railway RRB NTPC Exam is nearing. We hope your preparations are on track for the same. It is one of the biggest recruitment drive in the country and you would not want miss out on this opportunity of joining Indian Railways. We at Oliveboard have been constantly assisting you with your preparation of Railway RRB NTPC Exam through our blogs and also our mock tests. Continuing the same trend, today we have brought the list of Important Discoveries in Biology which would help you with the preparation of General Science section for Railway NTPC Exam.

Railway RRB NTPC Exam – General Science: Important Discoveries in Biology



Amoeba Roesel Von Rosenhof
Animal Cloning-First (frogs from tadpole cells) Robert Briggs and Thomas King
Antibody against Rabies Louis Pasteur
Antigen Landsteiner
Anti-pregnancy pills Pincus
Antitoxin against Diphtheria Won Berring
Artificial Heart Michael Dibake
Aspirin Dresser
ATP Lohmann K
Bacteria Leeuwenhoek
Bacteria of Leprosy Henson
Blood Capillaries Marcello Malpighi
Blood Circulation William Harvey
Blood Circulation William Harvey
Blood Gropus (A, B and O) Carl Land Steiner
Blood Group (AB) De Castello and Sturli
Blood Group (O) De Castello and Sturli
Blood Pressure- Measured Stephen Hales
Cancer Robert Wellberg
Carbon Dating Libby W.F
Cell Robert Hooke
Cell Division Hofmeister
Cell Theory Schleiden and Schwann
Chemotherapy Paul Erlich
Chloroform Harrison & Simpson
Chloroform James Simpson
Chloromycetin (antibiotic) Burk Holder
Chloroplast Schimper
Cholera Bacteria Robert Koch
Chromatin Fleming W
Chromatography Michael Tswett
Chromosomes (Nuclear Filaments)-described Anton Schneider
Colour Blindness (Daltonism) Hornerd
Compound Microscope Zacharias Janssen
Contraceptive Pills Pincus
Cortisone Edward Calvin
CT Scan (Computer Assisted Tomography (CAT) Allan Mcleod Cormack and God Frey Newbold Hounsfield
Cyclosis Amici G.B.
DDT Paul Muller
DNA Watson & Crick
ECG (Electrocardiogram) Mechanism Einthoven
Electron Microscope Knoll M. and Ruska E.
Endoplasmic Reticulum Porter K.R, Claude and Fullman
Evolution of man Louis Leakey
First Test tube baby Edwards & Steptoe
Five Kingdom Classification Whittaker R.H
Foot and Mouth Disease- First viral disease of animals Loeffler F.  and Frosch A.
Gene of Cancer Robert Weinberg
Genetic Code Har Gobind Khorana
Glycolysis (EMP pathway) Embden, Meyerhof and Parnas
Glyoxysomes Breidenbach
Golgibodies Camillo Golgi
Green Revolution Norman E. Borlaug
Haemophilia John C. Otto
Heart Transplantation Christiaan Barnard
Heart transplantation Surgery Christian Bernard
HIV Luc Montagnier
Homeopathy Samuel Hahnemann
Hormones Bayliss and Starling
Human Gene Therapy Martin Clive
Insulin Banting, West, Sir Frederick Grant Branding and J.J.R Macleod
Kidney Machine Dr. Willem Kolff
Microbes of Malaria Charles Laveran
Open Heart Surgery Walton Lillehei
Penicillin A. Fleming
Polio Drop Albert Sabin
Polio Vaccine J. E. Salk
Rh factor, blood replacement Charles Landsteiner
RNA Watson & Arthur
Sex Hormones Eugen Stainak
Sperm Humm & Leeuwenhoek
Stethoscope Rene Laennec
TB Bacteria Robert Koch
Three- Kingdom Classification Ernest Haeckel
Thyroxin Edward Calvin
Turner’s Syndrome Dr Henry Turner
Vaccination Edward Jenner
Vitamins Casimir Funk, Frederick Hopkins
X-rays Wilhelm Roentgen
Zymase, the first enzyme Edward Buchner


Please ensure that you read the above list of Important Discoveries in Biology very carefully and revise it as well to have the best results in Railway RRB NTPC Exam.

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All the Best for Railway RRB NTPC Exam.

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