Railway RRB Group D Exam Questions and Analysis – 08 October 2018

In this blog, we will be providing you with the detailed Railway RRB Group D Exam Questions and Analysis of the Exam slots of today – 8th October 2018. In this Railway RRB Group D Exam Questions and Analysis blog, we will give you the details of the questions for each of the 4 sections – Mathematics, Reasoning, General Science and General Awareness. The question paper Analysis of the Railway RRB Group D Exam would help the candidates who would be having the exam in the coming days in understanding the type of questions asked in the RRB Group D Exam.

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Railway RRB Group D Exam Questions and Analysis  – Slot 1 (9 to 10:30 am)

The overall Difficulty level of the First Slot of Railway RRB Group D 2018 Exam was Moderate. Questions asked in this slot are given below.

Railway RRB Group D Exam Questions and Analysis (Slot 1) – Questions Asked

Following are some of the questions asked in the First slot of Railway RRB Group D 2018 Exam held on 8th October 2018.

  • A boy has read 3/11 part of a book. If 160 pages are still remaining in the book, then find out the total number of pages?
  • Among the following, find the odd one – Parrot, Hawk, Eagle, Vulture
  • Author of the book “Mudrarakshak”?
  • Devendra Jhajharia is related to which sport?
  • Find the missing number in the series – 5,9,17,33,__?
  • How many chambers are there in a Fish’s heart?
  • If CosA-SinA=0, then find the value of tan^2A/Cos^2A+SinA
  • If Force(F)=5N, Distance(d)=4m, What will be the value of Torque?
  • In which medium does sound has the maximum velocity?
  • Potential energy is measured by___?
  • Rate of interest (R)=12%, Period (t)=1.5 years and Principal (p)=Rs 5000, then find the CI if the interest was paid half yearly?
  • Suppose A does a work in 13.5 days, B does the same work in 8 days & C does it in 12 days. In how many days will A+B+C do the work?
  • To which group do elements having electronic configuration 2,8,3 belong?
  • What are the elements in the last group of periodic table called?
  • What day of the week was on 19th August 2017?
  • What is Thallaphyta called in plant kingdom?
  • Where is the DNA bank for animals set up?
  • Which movie won the Best Marathi movie 2017?
  • Which scheme was launched by the NITI Ayog?
  • Which tissues are found at the tip of roots?
  • Who is the author of the book “One Indian Girl”?
  • Who is the Brand Ambassador of Sikkim?
  • Who is the CEO of Dell?
  • Who is the CM of Kerala?
  • Who is the Governor of Uttarakhand?
  • Who was made emperor after Chandragupta Maurya?
  • Who won Sadbhavana Puraskar 2018?
  • Who won the US Open Men’s singles 2017?
  • Who won the World Chess Championship 2017?

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We hope you found the information provided in the above blog about the Railway RRB Group D Exam Questions and Analysis Useful. All the best to all those candidates who have their exams in the coming days.

Railway RRB Group D Exam Questions and Analysis

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