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If you are preparing for the most prestigious job in the Indian banking sector, the RBI Grade B Officer designation, then check out the RBI Grade B Officer Notification and make sure you register as soon as possible. While it is not easy to get into RBI, it is certainly quite rewarding once you can join the apex banking body in India especially because of the RBI Grade B Officer Salary. If you want to check whether you are using the correct study material, check the Suggestions for the RBI Grade B Study Material and make the changes as needed. While preparing your schedule for preparation, you can refer to the RBI Grade B Topper’s Strategy and make adjustments as needed. Look at the RBI Grade B Detailed Syllabus and make sure you cover all the important chapters. Some other relevant guides include RBI Grade B Critical Reasoning. You can also check the RBI Grade B Officer Career Progression to see how promotions work at RBI. With all this, you must be motivated to give RBI Grade B your best effort, and to do that you can make use of the RBI Grade B Phase 1 Study Plan. In this guide, we shall look at the RBI Grade B English preparation and see how we can approach the various important topics in RBI Grade B English section to ace them. 

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Reading Comprehension (RC)

The RC passages are a necessary evil. They are time-consuming, but nevertheless important. To do well in reading comprehension, you must focus on reading and understanding the passages quickly and taking notes as and when needed; alternatively, check out this video to know more: 

Quickly go through the questions first and then read the passage to select the information thus required to answer the questions. Reading regularly in general (referring to newspapers, for example) will also be helpful in improving your performance in RC passages.

Cloze Test

Consider each word option provided and see how well it fits in the whole sentence to determine how suitable each option could be when it comes to answering the question. The method of elimination in this case can prove to be useful. The video below shall you with difficult questions in the Cloze Test topic. 

Sentence Rearrangement

Read the whole question once quickly to get the underlying idea that is being conveyed in this case; then check each of the options to see how they fit together. Sentence rearrangement questions can be relatively difficult if you have not practiced them because even as we consider the elimination rule does not work too well.

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Spotting Errors & Sentence Correction

Read the question once, and in most cases, the error will be discovered by you in 1-2 tries. However, in the case that it takes longer than that, check which of the cases are least likely to be possible and eliminate that. With regards to spotting errors, this video below covers the topic concisely. 

Phrase Replacement

Focus on reading the whole sentence (or initial sentence) and getting an idea. Eliminate the answer choices one-by-one depending on whether they are suitable or not. Your grammar needs to be well-developed because poor knowledge of grammar can affect the accuracy of your answers.

Descriptive Test

The descriptive test in RBI Grade B examination will have an essay writing task, a letter writing task, and a precis writing task. In each case, all 3 require regular practice. You cannot write a letter if you do not know the format, or if you are not sure about the structure and how to include the same, etc. Similarly, you need to be knowledgeable enough for any topic that you choose to ensure that you can pen down a concise essay that smoothly focuses on the main ideas one after another. Lastly, the same principles apply for precis writing as well. Needless to say, doing well in English is essential to ensure selection in the RBI Grade B exams. To better illustrate what must be done, check out the videos below:

Following the instructions in the videos for the essay and letter writing cases can help you get good marks in your RBI Grade B descriptive test.

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