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Railway RRB ALP Physics Notes – List of Imp Units of Measurements

RRB ALP Physics Notes measurements

The Exam dates for the Railway RRB ALP Second Stage CBT have declared. you can find all the details here. We hope you have started following the 30 days RRB ALP Study Plan for 2nd Stage CBT Exam which was published last week by us. As promised we are providing you with free RRB ALP Physics Notes for the Science and Engineering section of Part A of RRB ALP 2nd Stage CBT Exam in this blog. The topic covered in this RRB ALP Physics notes blog is Important Units of Measurements.

RRB ALP Physics Notes – Important Units of Measurements






Length  meter  m  0.001 Km
Mass  kilogram  kg  1000 gms
Time  second  s  1/60 minutes
Electric current  ampere  A  1 C.s-1
Quantity of substance  mole  mol  6.02214076×1023 (Avogadro’s constant)
Luminosity  candle  cd 
Plane angle  radian  rad 
Solid angle  steradian  sr 
Frequency  hertz  Hz  1 s-1 Number of events or cycles / Time
Force  newton  N  1 kg.m.s-2 Mass x Acceleration
Pressure  pascal  Pa  1 N.m-2 Force / Area
Energy  joule  J  1 N.m  Force x Length
Power  watt  W  1 J.s-1 Energy / Time
Charge  coulomb  C  1 A.s  Current x Time
Potential  volt  V  1 W.A-1 Power / Current
Resistance  ohm  Ω  1 V.A-1 Voltage / Current
Conductance  siemens  S  1 A.V-1 Current / Voltage
Capacitance  farad  F  1 C.V-1 Charge / Voltage
Inductance  henry  H  1 V.s.A-1 Voltage / rate of change of current 
Magnetic flux  weber  Wb  1 J.A-1 Energy / Current
Magnetic flux density  tesla  T  1 Wb.m-2 Magnetic flux / Area
Luminous flux  lumen  lm  1 cd.sr  luminosity x Solid angle
Illuminance  lux  lx  1 lm.m-2 luminous flux / Area
Convergence  dioptry  dioptry  1 m-1 Inverse of focal length. 
Activity  becquerel  Bq  1 s-1 number of decay events / Time
Absorbed dose  gray  Gy  1 J.kg-1 energy / mass

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RRB ALP 2nd Stage CBT – Exam Pattern

Part A


Type of Questions

No. Of Questions



Mathematics Objective, Multiple Choice 100 Questions Hindi/English 90 min
General Intelligence and Reasoning
Basic Science & Engineering
General awareness and Current affairs


Part B


No. Of Questions


Relevant Trade 75 questions 60    min
  • Qualifying Mark: 35 % (This is applicable to all candidates and no relaxation is permissible).
  • This part is qualifying in nature and shall have questions from the trade syllabus prescribed by the Director General of Employment & Training (DGET).

That is all from us in this blog, RRB ALP Physics Notes – List of Important Units of Measurements. We hope you liked reading this blog and found the information provided above useful. Please do not forget to give Mock tests during your 2nd Stage CBT preparation. All the best.