Railway RRB Exams Preparation: Important facts related to Human Body

Human Body and its internal and external organs have a significant place in the Biology Syllabus for Railway NTPC Exam like Group D and RRB ALP. Hence, here we have listed for you some important Facts about Human body and its various parts. These facts are essential for Railway NTPC Exam preparation. Byheart these facts to have an edge in your RRB Exams preparation.

RRB Exams Preparation – Important facts related to Human Body

Largest and strongest Bone in the body: – Femur (thigh bone)

Average body weight: – 70 kg

Blood clotting time: – 3-5 minutes

Blood Platelets count: – 150,000 – 400,000 platelets per microlitre

Breathing Rate at rest: – 12-16/minute

Gestation period: – 40 weeks or 9 calendar months

Haemoglobin (Hb): – For a male: 14-15 gm/100 c.c. of blood and for a female: 11-14 gm/100 c.c. of blood

Hb content in body: – 500-700 gm

Largest and longest Nerve: – Sciatic Nerve

Largest Artery: – Aorta

Largest Endocrine Gland: – Thyroid gland

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Largest Gland: – Liver

Largest Muscle in the body: – Gluteus Maximus or Buttock Muscle

Largest Vein: – Inferior Vena Cava

Largest White Blood Cells: – Monocytes

Lifespan of Red Blood Cells(R.B.C.): – 100 to 120 days

Lifespan of White Blood Cell(W.B.C.): – 3-4 days

Longest Cell: – Neurons (nerve cells)

Menopause age: – 45-50 years

Menstrual cycle: – 28 days

Minimum distance for proper vision: – 25 cm

Normal Blood Pressure (B.P.): – 120/80 mm Hg

Normal body temperature: – 37 degree Celsius

Normal Heart Beat at rest: – 72 beats per minute

Normal Sperm Count: – 250-400 million/ejaculation

Normal White Blood Cell(W.B.C.) count: – 5000-10000/cubic mm

Number of Cells in the body: – 75 trillion

Number of Red Blood Cells(R.B.C.): – In a male: 5 to 6 million/cubic mm and In female: 4 to 5 million/cubic mm

Number of Spinal Nerves: – 31 pairs

Another name of Red Blood Cell (R.B.C.): – Erythrocytes

pH of Blood: – 7.36-7.41

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pH of Urine: – 6.5-8

Pulse rate: – 72 per minute

Smallest Bone in the body: – Stapes in an ear

Smallest Muscle in the body: – Stapedius

Smallest White Blood Cells: – Lymphocyte

Thinnest Skin: – Eyelids

Time taken by R.B.C. to complete one cycle of circulation: – 20 seconds

Universal blood donor: – O

Universal blood recipient: – AB

Volume of Blood in the body: – 6 litres (in 70 kg body)

Volume of Semen: – 2-5 ml/ejaculation

Weight of Brain: – 1300-1400 gm in human adult

Weight of Heart: – 200-300 gm

Who discovered Blood Group: – Karl Landsteiner

This brings us to the end of our blog – Railway NTPC Exam Preparation : Important facts related to Human Body.  We hope the facts and information provided in this blog does prove useful for your RRB Exams Preparation.

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