SBI PO 2018: How to Approach ‘Blood Relations’ Questions

With barely 2 months for the SBI PO 2018 Prelims, every moment of preparation now counts for your exam preparation to join SBI as a PO in 2018. Logical Reasoning is a section that appears in both the SBI PO 2018 Prelims and SBI PO 2018 Mains; therefore, it is necessary to do well in it as that determines the outcome of the examination not one but two times. Among the Logical Reasoning questions, one tricky topic is that of ‘Blood Relations’. In SBI PO, ‘Blood Relations’ questions can be tricky due to the nature of the topic.  Hence, we have brought you this article, “SBI PO 2018: How to Approach ‘Blood Relations’ Questions” to help you approach Blood Relations questions easily in the SBI PO examinations.

  1. The first step to approach and solve blood relations questions correctly is to be familiar with all the relations between two or more family members in English. You might know those in your own language, but to know them in English is necessary as well.
  2. There can be three kinds of ‘Blood Relations’ questions including – Single Person Blood Relations Questions, Mixed Blood Relations Questions, and Coded Blood Relations Questions
  3. To approach Single Person Blood Relations Questions – read the statement correctly and break the sentence at points such as is/was/as to analyse them separately and then resolve it. Work backwards to resolve the questions.
  4. To approach Mixed Blood Relations Questions – always draw a diagram wherever applicable to ensure that you do not get confused between the relationships as those shall include more than 2 people, so diagrams must be drawn clearly and correctly.
  5. To approach Coded Blood Relations Questions – once more, you will need to draw diagrams to ensure that the codes are correctly interpreted, and they are converted from codes to diagrams.

However, before you approach Blood Relations questions in general, you must be very well aware of those relationships –



Mother’s or Father’s Son


Mother’s or Father’s Daughter


Mother’s Brother

Maternal Uncle

Father’s Brother

Paternal uncle

Mother’s (or) Father’s sister


Mother’s (or) Father’s Father


Mother’s (or) Father’s mother


Son’s Wife


Daughter’s husband


Husband’s (or) Wife’s Father


Husband’s (or) Wife’s mother


Husband’s (or) Wife’s brother


Husband’s (or) Wife’s sister


Sister’s Husband


Brother’s (or) Sister’s son


Brother’s (or) Sister’s Daughter



To solve those kind of questions effectively, you must memorize the table given above and when you solve Blood Relations questions in the exam, you should immediately recall the relationship when you read the description in the question. Couple this knowledge with the ability to draw diagrams effectively and you can attempt the blood relations questions effectively in the SBI PO examinations.

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