SBI PO 2018 Reasoning Quick Review Guide

The SBI PO 2018 Prelims are almost here! We are left with just 1 week before the month of June ends and the month of July begins, and the first week of July is when the SBI PO 2018 Prelims examinations are scheduled to be conducted. If you need a quick review of your resources you have at disposal to revise for the SBI PO 2018 Prelims, check out the Free Resources for SBI PO 2018 Exam Preparation. Otherwise, you can refer to the topic-wise guides such as SBI PO 2018 Most Important MCQs or perhaps SBI PO 2018 How to Solve Number Series Problems and SBI PO 2018 Tips to Solve Seating Arrangement Problems. In this article, we will see some tips to review our reasoning section quickly and hence it is titled SBI PO 2018 Reasoning Quick Review Guide. 

SBI PO 2018 Prelims Reasoning Quick Review – General Tips

  1. Study and practice everyday. Reasoning does not have much to memorize, so it is only by practice that you will continue to retain the learned concepts about the topics in the section.
  2. While revising, you cannot afford to skip any day. If you do, however, ensure that you put extra effort the next day to compensate.
  3. Limit mock tests. In the final week before the examination, take no more than 2 mock tests: one before your revision and one after it. In the revision, ensure that you focus on whatever topics you scored poorly in (in the case of logical reasoning).
  4. Don’t focus on your absolute score, but the percentile. Competitive examinations are not about absolute score, they are all about beating the competition. If you have 80-90+ percentile, you are fine regardless of whatever your actual score is. Also, note that Oliveboard’s tests are harder than the actual examination, so you will find the real exam to be much easier. You can check out the Oliveboard mock test package by clicking here; alternatively, you can also check out the SBI PO 2018 Crash Course for quick revision by clicking the image below.

SBI PO 2018 Crash Course

SBI PO 2018 Prelims Reasoning Quick Review – Specific Tips

  1. For Blood Relations questions, always ensure to draw the diagrams. Without the relationship diagram, you will simply waste your time and most likely confuse yourself.
  2. Coded Inequalities are difficult if you lose your concentration for a moment. Try to focus whenever you are studying the codes to ensure you record them for the right details.
  3. Syllogisms can be difficult and time-consuming. If you do not get the answer within 30-45 seconds, then simply skip it. The importance of the chapter is not as much as others (like those in Critical Reasoning and Analytical Reasoning), so you may even skip it if you do not have much time during the revision.
  4. For Input and Output questions, make sure to record the Input details correctly because only then you will get the correct result in the output.
  5. In Coding and Decoding, the sequence also matters, so focus on that as well; you may also try to determine or figure out patterns to help you solve faster.
  6. Seating Arrangement problems are quite important because they can be present for a fair amount of marks, so ensure that you practice them well.
  7. Drawing a diagram is the best way to answer Seating Arrangement problems. Start with a circle or a line depending on whether it is a circular seating arrangement or a linear seating arrangement question.
  8. For the Data Sufficiency problems, ensure that you practice them adequately to be familiar with their questions’ structures.
  9. Directions and Distances questions are relatively easy, but that should not make you ignore the fact that they require you to be fast as well as accurate, so continue your practice on those areas.
  10. In every reasoning question, either there will be a problem that involves words or one that involves diagrams. Identify which one is it and work on it accordingly. Blood Relations, Seating Arrangements, etc. are diagram-based questions so practice them accordingly while Data Sufficiency and the like are word-based questions so ensure that you have comfortable command over both kinds to score well.

So, those are some quick review tips to help you in the last week of your preparation before your SBI PO 2018 Prelims begin. You can also check out the Oliveboard Video Course package to gain access to videos to refresh your understand quickly. 

All the Best!

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