SBI PO 2018: SBI Prelims Topic-wise Preparation Checklist

With barely 2 months towards the SBI PO 2018 Prelims examinations, your preparation should now be in its final stretch. At this point, it’s necessary to fix every moment of your day into serious preparation to crack the SBI PO examinations. It’s however necessary to have a well-rounded knowledge of all the topics from each section and hence we at Oliveboard have brought you the “SBI PO 2018: SBI Prelims Topic-wise Preparation Checklist” to help you ensure that you have covered all topics in your preparation.

You may take a note of all those topics in each section and then while preparing and revising, you can just make sure that you have covered everything when going topic-wise.

  • SBI PO 2018: English Language Topic-wise Checklist 

EL Check-list

  • SBI PO 2018: Quantitative Aptitude Topic-wise Checklist 

QA Check-list

  • SBI PO 2018: Logical Reasoning Topic-wise Checklist 

LR Check-list

When preparing it is necessary that no topic should be left out or ignored, because it is not possible to determine which topics will bring in easy questions and which ones will bring forth challenging questions in the SBI PO Prelims examination. Therefore, while studying and revising the most important aspect is that both preparation and revision should be topic-wise.


There is no specific order of attempting those topics, but the idea is that you should practice an appropriate number of questions from each of those questions, which means that if you find a topic difficult then you should practice more questions from that and if you find a topic easy, then you may reduce the number of questions you practice in that. What matters the most is that you attempt the questions correctly during your practice because only then you can use the right techniques required to get them correct in the actual exam.

Hence, do make sure to check every topic in your preparation and revision schedule.

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