SBI PO Main Analysis

The 40,000+ students selected for the Main exam completed the paper today. Unlike in the Prelims exam, where Reasoning was the highest scoring section, students were unanimous in their assessment that the Reasoning section this time was the toughest among the four sections. Unlike in 2014, the DI section did have questions on Quant topics but that did not seem to have perturbed many students who had just come of giving the Prelims paper a few weeks ago where all these topics were tested. Detailed analysis provided below.
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The following description is based on the experiences of several Oliveboard students.

English Language:

There were two RCs with 10 questions each, 40% of the questions based on vocab; The cloze test had 10 questions. The other questions were Parajumbles, Fill in the Blanks, error identification and sentence correction. Most students were quite comfortable with this section.
Overall Difficulty: Easy.

Logical Reasoning:

This section was of higher level as compared to the one that had come in prelims. There were two arrangement question sets; one on circular arrangement and one on arrangement across a rectangular table. One of the arrangements questions clubbed the concept of Blood Relations in it making it a very difficult set to attempt. Then there were two sets on grids which were easy. The section had a fair amount of critical reasoning questions, which included Course of Action, Cause-Effect and Statement-Argument. Input output and data sufficiency questions that were not present in the prelims, were back. There were 5 questions on syllogisms. Rest were the questions on mathematical operators.
Overall Difficulty: Difficult.

Data Analysis and Interpretation:

This section was calculation intensive. The actual DI part constituted about 60% of this section and had questions based on Venn diagrams, Pi chart, Tables and Line charts. There were 5 questions each on Number series and Quadratic equations. There were also questions on Probability. Data sufficiency questions were present in this section as well.
Overall Difficulty: Moderate

GK, Marketing and Computers:

The sectional was as it used to be in the previous years, having mix of questions across topics including current affairs.
Overall Difficulty: Easy to moderate.


Descriptive paper (Slot 1):

It had two questions:

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Letter writing: 150 words (20 marks) on any one of these topics:

  • Letter to the manager writing about the haphazard ways in which the files are handled in the office.
  • Letter to the editor of a newspaper describing the problem of cyber crimes in your city.
  • Letter to an aged teacher thanking for his/her contribution in your successful career.

Essay: 300 words (30 marks) on any one of these topics:

  • Pros and Cons of ‘One Rank One Pension’ scheme.
  • India’s over dependency on monsoon.
  • Ethical problems of e-commerce.