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SBI PO Preparation 2018: Tips to Solve Seating Arrangement Problems

SBI PO 2018 Preparation Tips to Solve Seating Arrangement Problems

The SBI PO 2018 examinations are scheduled to be conducted in the months of July (Prelims) and August (Mains); with hardly 2-3 months remaining for the examination dates, by now your preparation must be in full swing. Logical Reasoning is a section that appears in both the SBI PO 2018 Prelims and Mains; for this reason, it is necessary to be well-versed with the topics in this section as it appears both times during your examination and selection process. One of the particularly tricky topics that appear in the Logical Reasoning section is Seating Arrangement. Seating arrangement questions may not be particularly difficult, but they can be quite challenging unless the correct method is applied. Therefore, we have brought you some tips to solve seating arrangement problems through the article, “SBI PO Preparation 2018: Tips to Solve Seating Arrangement Problems”. Follow them, and you will surely find this kind of questions easier to attempt in your examinations!



  1. Before you even do anything else, draw a shape (circle for circular arrangement questions, line for linear arrangement) and numerically mark the places. Only then start reading the question.
  2. When reading the question, try to write the information given in a systematic manner by arranging it. This information must be written beside the circle you have drawn in the correct order; basically, you are converting the question from text to diagrammatical form.
  3. In one of the many scenarios, where for example, X may be seated in 2 places, pick any 1 of the 2 places and arrange the rest of them accordingly. Should you successfully manage to do so, then your approach was correct. If you do not manage to arrange it correctly, then the initial place of X was wrong and now since you have this information, you can arrange it correctly by making X sit at the other place. Seating arrangement questions require some trial and error but doing so is the way to come to the right conclusion.
  4. If an even number of people are to be seated, such as 4,6,8, or 10 people and they are all to face a particular direction, by the direction of places, the second, third, fourth, and fifth towards the left or right will always happen to be the person sitting opposite.
  5. When seating the people in the question, ensure that you are 100% sure of the people who have already been seated. It is because you will decide upon the remaining ones based on the number of people who have already been seated.
  6. If in the question you are given the condition that some people are facing inward, and some are facing outward, then make sure to mark this detail in the circle you have drawn with arrows that either point towards the centre of the circle if they are facing inwards or away from the centre if they are facing outwards.
  7. Practice seating arrangement questions regularly while including all of those steps that have been mentioned in this guide if you aren’t doing so already. While those tips are not hard to follow, only with repeated practice can they become a habit which means you will automatically follow those tips when you solve seating arrangement questions.

That is all for seating arrangement questions; should you manage to master this topic then you can gain some easy marks as there is only a simple procedure to be followed to come to the correct outcome.

All the Best!

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