SEBI Exam preparation – 15 Practice Questions on Security Markets Awareness

In this blog, we are going to provide you with 15 questions on Security Market Awareness which would be very beneficial with your SEBI Exam preparation for the 2018 Grade A Exam. The free practice questions given below cover various topics from the syllabus of the Securities Market Awareness (SMA) section. These questions will give you an idea about the type of questions which could be asked in the SEBI 2018 Grade A Exam. So, here we go.

SEBI Exam Preparation – SMA Practice Questions

Q 1) Which if the following is not true of about Money Market


  1. It is a market for short term loans
  2. The maturity period is anywhere between a day and a year
  3. Treasury Bills are not a component of Money Market
  4. Central Banks take part in Money Market

Answer – Option 3: Treasury Bills are a component of the money market.

Q 2) FEMA stands for


  1. Foreign Exchange Money Act
  2. Future Exchange Money Act
  3. Future Exchange Management Act
  4. Foreign Exchange Management Act

Answer – Option 4: Foreign Exchange Management Act

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Q 3) The value of Indian Forex Reserves as of September 2018 was


  1. 28 billion
  2. 28 billion
  3. 28 billion
  4. 44 billion

Answer – Option 1: 399.28 billion

Q 4) The Finance Commission of India is established as per which Article of the Indian Constitution


  1. Art 124
  2. Art 356
  3. Art 324
  4. Art 280

Answer – Option 4: Art 280

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Q 5) Euronext is the Stock Exchange of


  1. The United Kingdom
  2. France
  3. European Union
  4. None of the Above

Answer – Option 3: European Union

Q 6) SEBI stands for –


  1. Securities and E-commerce Board of India
  2. Stock Exchange Board of India
  3. Securities and Exchange Board of India
  4. None of the Above

Answer – Option 3: Securities and Exchange Board of India

Q 7) Which company among the following would be buying a share in the IDBI Bank?


  1. LIC
  2. ONGC
  3. SBI
  4. NTPC

Answer – Option 1: LIC

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Q 8) IMF has cut the Global Economic Growth Forecast in it October report to –


  1. 5%
  2. 7%
  3. 5%
  4. 7%

Answer – Option 2: 3.7%

Q 9) Currently which country in talks with the IMF for an economic bailout –


  1. India
  2. Pakistan
  3. North Korea
  4. Sri Lanka

Answer – Option 2: Pakistan

Q 10) The recently recommended merger of Bank of Baroda, Dena Bank and Vijaya Bank if done will make it the –


  1. 2nd Largest Bank in India
  2. Largest Bank in India
  3. 3rd Largest Bank in India
  4. None of the Above

Answer – Option 3: 3rd Largest Bank in India

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Q 11) The BSE-SENSEX comprises of the Stock of how many companies


  1. 30
  2. 50
  3. 75
  4. 15

Answer – Option 1: 30 Companies

Q 12) What is the Tenure of the Chairman of SEBI


  1. 2 years
  2. 3 years
  3. 5 years
  4. Not Fixed

Answer – Option 4: Not Fixed

Q 13) As per the Time Value of Money, the Value of Money in Hand is ________ the value of Money in Future


  1. Lesser than
  2. Greater than
  3. Same as
  4. Not related to

Answer – Option 2: Greater than

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Q 14) In which type of Bonds does the issuer has the option of reducing the tenor of the security?


  1. Puttable Bonds
  2. Callable Bonds
  3. Zero Coupon Bonds
  4. Floating Rate Bonds

Answer – Option 3: Callable Bonds

Q 15) The IMF currently has


  1. 200 members
  2. 189 members
  3. 168 members
  4. 121 members

Answer – Option 2: 189 members

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That is all from in this practice questions blog for SEBI Exam preparation. We hope you like the above give practice questions and they would prove helpful in your efforts to clear the SEBI 2018 Grade A Examination. If you need practice questions for any specific topic, you can let us know in the comments section below. All the best for the 2018 SEBI Exam.

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