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Governor-Generals and Viceroys of India

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Charles Canning 1856-1862 He was the last Governor-General and the first Viceroy of India. The Change in title happened as per the Government of India Act, 1858 after the Indian War of Independence (1857). He established the Universities of Bombay, Madras and Calcutta.
John Lawrence 1864-1869 The Calcutta, Madras and Bombay High courts were established under his command in 1865. He also started a direct Telegraph line to Europe. HE Made Shimla as the Summer Capital of India
Richard Bourke (Earl of Mayo) 1869-1872 In 1871, the First census was conducted in India. He is credited with starting the Financial Decentralization in India. He was murdered in office(Only Viceroy to be killed while in Office) in 1872
Thomas Barring (Earl of Northbrook) 1872-1876 His administration took steps to reduce social unrest by giving Famine Relief, tax reduction etc.
Lord Rippon 1880-1884 He was one of the most Liberal Viceroys of British Raj and genuinely took steps for the betterment of Indians like, increasing the age of Civil services exam back to 21, abolishing the Lytton’s Vernacular press act, passed Factory Act to abolish Child Labour, Ilbirt bill was passed which allowed Indian Judges to preside over cases involving British people.
Lord Dufferin 1884-1888 The formation of Indian National Congress took place during his administration.


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Sample Questions –

Which Viceroy reduced the Age for civil services exam from 21 to 19?

(a) Curzon

(b) Lytton

(c) Ripon

(d) Hardinge

Answer: Option B – Lytton


The communal award was passed during the viceroy-ship of –

(a) Reading

(b) Irwin

(c) Willingdon

(d) Linlithgow

Answer: Option C – Willingdon

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