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Static GK is an integral part of the general awareness section, therefore we provide you with a free Static GK E-book every week. Questions related to Nicknames of Cities (World) are common in the general awareness section of Government exams like SSC CGL, SSC CPO, RRB ALP, RRB Group D, UPSC and more.

In competitive exams, as little as 1 mark can make a lot of difference. For your assistance, we bring you a Free eBook on Nicknames of Cities (World).

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Sample Questions:

Q) Which city is known as the Peace Capital of the world?

(a) Paris

(b) Vienna

(c) Washington DC

(d) Geneva

Answer: Option D – Geneva


Q) Which of the following is a popular nickname of the city of Lhasa(Tibet)?

(a) Devine City

(b) Forbidden City

(c) City of the Kings

(d) City of the Angels

Answer: Option B – Forbidden City

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