Success Story of Komal Kiran – Cleared SBI PO 2017

“I am not failed. My success is just postponed” – the Success story of Komal which proves this statement right.

Read her story below:   

Hello Friends, I am Kiran Komal from Nalanda district in Bihar. I cleared SBI PO in 2017. Firstly, I would like to thank Oliveboard for providing me with this wonderful opportunity for sharing my insights on the most competitive banking exam.

But before I proceed further I would like to shed some light on my past, I graduated in 2013 and have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Gandhi Engineering College, Bhuvaneshwar. When I was graduating I had an offer from IT company in Chennai. But due to my inclination towards Civil Services and Government jobs, I didn’t take up my then offered job and I went on preparing for civil services and simultaneously I started appearing for other banking exams as well and cleared SBI PO.

My strategy for SBI PO preparation was mainly focused towards Mock Tests. I feel mock test can give you much better insight into preparation than anything else. The one thing which I liked most about the mock tests is these tests put you under immense pressure due to time boundation and that’s when one pushes his/her limit to get maximum correct answer in stipulated time and after taking ample mock tests one get accustomed to the real exams and didn’t feel pressure at all on the D-Day.

Now coming on to the detailed preparation strategy for anyone who is a novice or is taking the bank exam first time and coming from a non-science background I would say start from the NCERT books and first work on basics, once familiar with the basics then go ahead with either RS Agarwal or Arun Sharma. Both are good books. However, my personal choice is Arun Sharma as it has a plethora of questions ranging from easy to a high level. During my preparation, I relied mostly on Arun Sharma and for clearing a few concepts I use to take help from video materials that are available online.

For Reasoning, I would say Arun Sharma does a fantastic job provided one is following the book line by line. After getting hands-on experience on various types of questions one should start taking mock tests. Remember guys, mocks are very important for reasoning. I am quite sure each and every person can solve almost all the questions if provided with the sufficient time. But the bottom line for all these exams is that they have very less time. This is one of the biggest reason aspirants are supposed to practice the questions against the time.  And here, Oliveboard outperforms everyone by providing at par difficulty level in their tests.

For English, I relied mostly on the newspaper “The Hindu” as it serves the purpose of English as well as General Awareness. Though if anyone specifically wants to work upon his/her vocabulary or Grammar than I would say go ahead with Word Power Made Easy for former one and choose P.K Bakshi for later.

At last, I would say it is a game of being positive and believing in yourself. If you put in your best, success will surely follow you. Remember friends:

“You need to live a few months or years of your life like most people will not. So that you can live the rest of your life like most people cannot”.

Final words, thanks to the team of Oliveboard who understand the present scenario of exams and curate mock test series which match the difficulty level of exam and this helped me in improving my efficiency and accuracy too.

Best Wishes!!

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