Success Strategy of Varun Mandal – Cleared SBI PO 2017

“Your level of success is determined by your level of discipline and perseverance”. The success story of Varun Mandal is yet another proof of it.  Know how a working professional conquered SBI PO 2017 in his first attempt. Read his detailed success strategy below:

“Hello Folks, I am Varun Mandal from West Bengal, currently working as a Probationary Officer at SBI. After completing my Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering in the year 2015, I worked at a software product company for nearly two years as an Implementation Consultant. After working for two years, I decided to switch my field of work. I had no prior knowledge of the banking sector, and its recruitment process, so I googled for a while, which gave me a fair idea of the SBI PO exam. Luckily, I was able to register for the 2017 exam right before the application due date.

My job required me to work both in IST and other time-zones as well because of our clients being based out of different parts of the world. It left me with no other strategy than to study less but effectively. After the recommendation of a few online forums, I decided to join the Oliveboard Test Series for SBI-PO Prelims and started giving mock tests straight away as I had no time to brush up my basics. I decided to learn from my mistakes as I progressed. After the first three mocks, I had a clear idea of my strengths and weaknesses. I was able to attempt the English section completely in under fifteen minutes and was only making two to three mistakes. I was fairly decent at the Quant Section but still needed improvement. Reasoning Ability was the section I was struggling with, every time; specifically, puzzles and arrangement questions. I will explain how I overcame this.

The mistake that most of the people make during preparation is that they give mock tests after mock tests, but spend no time reviewing and analyzing them. I cannot stress enough how important it is to do so. After each and every mock test that I gave, I spent at least an hour reviewing the mistakes I had made and the questions that I had skipped. The solutions that Oliveboard provided cleared my basics for the Quant part and showed me how to approach puzzles and arrangement questions. I practised those over and over again and made sure that I was able to correctly attempt similar type of questions in the future. The second mistake that people make is that they get stuck on one question, waste a lot of time on it, and still get it incorrect in the end. For the Prelims Exam at least, time management is very crucial. You have to be smart about the questions and the order in which you attempt, and the questions that you leave as well. You’ll get good at this after giving a few mock tests. Remember, getting even half a mark more than the cut-offs will still get you through. Focus on clearing the cut-offs first and then think about maximizing your score. The questions in the Oliveboard mock tests were very close to the ones asked in the actual exam which saved me from any unexpected shocks on the day of the exam. I followed the same strategy as I did in my mock tests; attempted those questions/topics first that I knew I was very comfortable with, then went to the ones I believed I’d be able to solve, and kept the questions I didn’t know how to approach for the end. For this, I’m thankful to the detailed analysis provided by Oliveboard after every mock test.

For the ones struggling with the English section, I’d recommend that you start reading Business Editorials. What happens to a lot of people is that they zone-out while reading a passage, and continue reading it without understanding what has been said. Regular reading will prevent this from happening. I had been an avid reader in my school days and this habit has helped me a lot in my life.
I had always been an average student throughout my school and college life, but the thought that always motivated me was what my brother had once told me. The people who crack exams are human beings as well; there’s nothing special about them. I was luckily able to crack SBI-PO 2017 with minimal preparation, owing to my job. If you have time, use it well.

Hope this helps you. All the best!”

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