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Logical reasoning is an important part of every bank and government examination, whether that be of the officer cadre or the clerical cadre. Therefore, all the important examinations such as SBI PO, RBI Grade B, SBI Clerk, etc. all have a logical reasoning section whether that be for their prelims or their mains. This blog focuses on helping our students prepare for RBI Grade B (the RBI Grade B Officer Recruitment Notification is already out, so make sure to register if you have not done so already); however, it could be applicable for SBI PO and other banking exams as well. However, as it is known that both speed and accuracy are of major importance whenever competitive examinations are concerned. Therefore, in this blog post, the focus shall be on how a candidate can develop their speed when it comes to solving logical reasoning questions. 

Of course, the primary component of development is practice. The more number of mocks you take, the better you get at solving questions from any section including logical reasoning and the more accurate you get at answering them correctly. 

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  • Memorize the relationships between the members of the family the best you can. In case blood relations questions come in the exam, this will reduce the total time you spend thinking about the relationships of the people mentioned about in the question. This will improve your overall speed in solving reasoning questions. You can find the table below. 

blood relationships list

  • Divide the questions into two categories to help you gain a better understanding of how much time each question on average would take to be solved. For your reference, the chapters/topics from each of the two categories have been given below:
    • Time-Consuming Topics: Seating arrangements (linear and circular), machine input and output, and puzzles (floor puzzles for example), etc. 
    • (Relatively) Easy Topics: Syllogisms, Blood Relations, Data Sufficiency, Inequalities, Direction Sense, etc. 
  • You must know what to prioritize in the exam when it comes to practicing them and perfecting your knowledge of the same. For reference, the list of important chapters has been provided on the number of questions that they are likely to have (as per the trends in the past years’ exam papers). If you can master the topics from which more questions were asked in the past examinations, then you can complete many questions easily in your examination which will also make you faster. To know which chapters/topics to focus on, check the list below:

important logical reasoning questions list

  • When working with direction sense, start by drawing the diagram that represents all the directions of the question. For the ease of solving, you can start by only remembering the North and the East, and the opposite directions to North would be South and that of the East would be West. Similarly, the arrow between North and East would be North+East = North-East while that of between South and East would be South-East, and so on. Whenever you are working on any direction sense question ensure you do this. Alternatively, you can also check the video below the diagram.

direction sense

  • For Coding Decoding questions, attempt to determine the order of the sequence to know if it is ascending or descending. Then depending on the sequence, determine further what steps must be taken. Alternatively, you may check out the Coding Decoding Explained or the video below.

  • Understand that topics like Data Sufficiency are innately hard or complicated. In such cases, there is no way you can solve them quickly simply because they are not meant to be solved easily (because of which there are no direct answers to them).
  • In case of Critical Reasoning, refer to the Common Errors in Critical Reasoning, so that you do not make them. Alternatively, you can view this video below.

Should you follow those tips, you have a good chance of improving your speed in logical reasoning questions. 

All the Best! 

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