UPSC: Yojana Article summary – Inclusive growth in North East

Today, We Bring to you the third article in the series of Yojana Article Summary for UPSC Preparation. This series is intended to help you with UPSC preparation for Social and Rural Development issues included in the UPSC 2018 syllabus. The Yojana Article summary is a comprehensive summary of the points to remember from the Important Articles published in Monthly Yojana Magazine. This Yojana Article summary will save your precious time and will be very helpful in your revision stage of UPSC preparation.

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UPSC Yojana Article summary 3 – Inclusive growth in North East

North East geographical features –

  • Eight states – Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim and Tripura
  • The geographical area of 2,62,719 sq km, which is smaller than the total area of some of the big states like, Rajasthan, Maharashtra and MP
  • Connected with rest of the country through a narrow land strip near Siliguri, called as the chicken neck.
  • Surrounded by borders of 5 countries – China, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal and Myanmar
  • Only 35% of the total land area is plain land, rest is hilly region
  • The Population of North East region has grown 10 times since 1901 (44 lakhs in 1901 to 450 lakhs in 2011).
  • The region receives very high rainfall and is home to 70 rivers including Brahmaputra (one of the largest in the world. This results in severe floods in the regions and also erosion impacting the agriculture negatively.

Post-Independence the Economic growth of Northeast was stunted due to following reasons:

  • Loss of major connectivity channels due to Partition n 1947
  • Chinese Aggression of 1962
  • Refugee influx after Bangladesh war of 1971
  • Insurgency and Militancy in 1970’s

Apart from the above, following were the Major Challenges for Economic Development of North East:

  • Low Agricultural Productivity
  • Low cropping intensity
  • Low irrigation coverage
  • Low application of chemical fertilizers
  • Low Credit Flow from Banks
  • Inadequate Availability of Quality Seeds and Planting tools
  • Poor Storage facilities
  • Lack of High-Quality Agri Markets
  • Poor Power consumption and usage
  • Lack of Mineral Resources
  • Poor Higher Education Facilities and Primary Education Quality
  • Inadequate industrial development

Over the Last decade or two, the Connectivity to North East through Road and Air have improved significantly. The number of Engineering and Medical colleges have also gone up in the same period.

Focus Areas for Economic Development of North East:

  • Agriculture, Horticulture and Floriculture
  • Animal husbandry – Dairy Farming, Goat rearing, Piggery, Poultry, Duckery, Fishery.
  • Food and Meat processing
  • Tourism
  • Sericulture, Handloom and Textiles
  • Production of Organic Tea, Mushroom and Honey
  • Production of Plastic Goods
  • Small and Medium Enterprises related to Bamboo, cane, jute, medical plants etc.
  • Packaging industry for locally produced Ginger and Turmeric
  • Hydel Power Generation
  • Sugar, Paper and Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Health sector like training institutes for nursing
  • Training centres to learn to repair of electronic equipment’s
  • Arts and culture – Music, Dancing
  • Sports
  • Service Sector – BPO’s

Central Government’s Actions for Inclusive Development of North East:

  • Efforts to implement Act East Policy
  • Connecting Northeast with neighboring countries through road and railways

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