Export Import Policy By Oliveboard

Export Import Policy is also known as EXIM Policy & Foreign Trade Policy.

It is a set of rules that govern import & export of goods & services from one country to another country. This policy is created to promote international trade.

What is Export Import Policy?

1. Reduce Imports 2. Promote Export 3. Develops New Market 4. Promote Sustainable Development 5. Improves Quality, etc

Objectives of Export Import Policy

1. Increase Foreign Exchange Earnings 2. Boost Manufacturing Sector 3. Promotes FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) 4. Promote Growth, etc

Impact of Export Import Policy on India

1. Competition 2. Currency Fluctuations 3. Tariff & Non Tariff Barriers 4. Political & Economic Instability 5. Logistics & Infrastructure, etc

Challenges of EXIM Policy

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