5 Most Pressing Problems  Faced During  RBI Gr. B Exam Preparation Journey

And their Solutions

Lack of Expert Guidance & Motivation


You would need a mentor who analyzes your requirements and assess where you stand with regard to your RBI Gr. B preparation, discuss your strengths and weaknesses and subsequently help you draft a customized study plan.

Lack of Concise and Comprehensive Study Material


You would need Study Notes, Live Classes, and Video Lessons are designed to be concise and cover all aspects of preparation complemented by topic-wise tests, mock tests (objective + descriptive), and mock interviews.

Lack of a Time-Bound Study Plan


You would need a time-bound study plan based on your time availability.

Lack of Progress Tracking & Doubt Solving


You would need someone to assist you in understanding where you are lacking in your efforts, clear your doubts and offer suggestions for improvement

Lack of quality mock interview experience


You would need access to a quality mock interview experience with the ex-RBI officers after clearing the Ph-II of the exam.

RBI Gr. B 2023 Mentorship Batch

5 Problems, 1 Solution

1. You get a dedicated mentor throughout your prep journey. 2. You get access to comprehensive study material. 3. You get a customized study plan as per your time availability. 4. Your get doubt clearance facility as well as your performance is tracked. 5. You get interview preparation guidance from the ex-RBI officers.